Canibus Comments On CanibusOnline’s Alleged Merchandise Fraud

posted the following bulletin to fans on his Myspace on Friday (August 10):

Thanks so much for all of the support in response to my bulletin in which I stated that I am no longer in business with Mic Club, Louis Lombard III and all of his websites, etc. I am reaching out to you again in regards to the many complaints I have received about people paying for and not receiving their merchandise from This is one of the sites run by Louis Lombard III/Mic Club. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that you got ripped off. My lil bro Johnnie told me he filed a complaint with paypal and got his money back. I suggest you all do that as well. After he did that someone at contacted him and told him they were going to send him a complimentary CD. Let’s hope he gets it! I can’t guarantee that it’s an authentic autograph but hopefully it is. I probably signed a few hundred copies of FOR WHOM THE BEAT TOLLS.

I really do appreciate all of the fans support and if you are one of the those people who paid and didn’t get your merchandise I’d like to send you each a sticker or two and an autograph. I wish I could do more but at the moment I can’t. If you send me your name and address along with proof (paypal email) that you paid for your merch and didn’t get it (i.e. filing a complaint to paypal) I’ll get something out in the mail to you this next week.

Although, I haven’t read all of your emails I’ve seen a lot of them and they mean a lot to me. For those I inspire, keep spitting. Together we’ll keep hip hop alive. It’s all of you that keep me sane in times like these. THANK YOU.



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