Carmelo And Jay-Z Go One-On-One

is featured on the cover of the January 5th issue of ESPN magazine with Denver Nuggets rookie Carmelo Anthony, who is a big fan of the rapper, giving him the most space on his iPod. Jay told the young basketball phenom regarding his comparisons to LeBron James: “You gotta compete hard! It shouldn’t be a rivalry where y’all hate each other. Be friends after! Whenever you guys are playing, I’m flying to Denver or Cleveland. I like you both. I’m a fan, but you guys gotta bring it.” Carmelo responded, “Yeah! Fans love that competitiveness. And they want to feel they’re part of it. You see what happened to the rap game when you started the beef with Nas? It was crazy! People wanted to hear you go back and forth. That’s inspiration right there.”

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