Carson And Puffy Continue The ‘Bash’ On TRL

Carson Daly and Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs headed off any talk of a rift when the rapper appeared on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday, though the pair did make a few wisecracks at each other. While Daly compaired Puffy to , Puffy called Carson the next Jesse Camp — keeping in theme with the recent MTV Bash of Carson. Read on for a transcript to part of their chat.

Carson: Hanging with P. Diddy in the window, giving see love. He’s indirectly
making out with angelina jolie’s lips left over from yesterday. Day two
“backstage pass week.” Pick up a copy of “bad boys” kound track. You threw
a great party last night. What time did you leave your own party?

Puffy: Like 4:00 in the morning.

Carson: Today you got up in the morning and you’re doing the “today”

Puffy: I did some tv shows. Radio shows.

Carson: How many hours a night do you sleep?

Puffy: Four hours a night then I’m back into business.

Carson: How do you pick the a-list people to come to your parties?

Puffy: It’s something that’s acquired over the years. Friend, people
that i know are going to party hard, let down their hair, not be stands
on the wall.

Carson: Read a few names. And tell me if they’ve ever be to a P. Diddy
party and if not, would you let them in. Brad pitt?

Puffy: Oh, he hasn’t, but i would let him in. Yes.

Carson: Okay. How about Joey Fatone?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Puffy: He’s a regular. He’s a regular. Yes. He comes to all the parties.
He stays very long too.

Carson:  Okay.

Puffy: Like yourself.

Carson: Yes, thank you very much. It’s the breakfast you serve that’s
what does it. He does, he serves breakfast. Don’t you?

Puffy: Yeah, we have after-hourS. Crazy.

Carson: Let’s get back to business. Clay aiken?

Puffy: I don’t think so. No — no disrespect to clay b — not yet. Not
yet. He’s up and coming. Maybe he can make it.

Carson: You have to earn your way down a P. Diddy party.

Puffy: Everybody can’t come in. You guys could come in.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: How about the olson twins?

Puffy: Yeah! Olson twins getting big.

Carson: I would come and find you in the party and say olson twins are
outside, let them outside.

Puffy: They’re getting big.

Carson: Once they’re 18 — how about anna nicole smith?

Puffy: No. No. No.

Carson: And finally, how about — oh, tara reid?

Puffy: Yeah. She’s a regular. She comes all the time with you.

Carson: Fantastic!

[ Laughter ]

Puffy: Oh, i forgot the “bash” is over.

Carson: Thanks. Continue to bash me.

Puffy: Oh, by the way. Hammer time! I have two words for him. Jesse
camp and it’s just around the corner!

Carson: Thank you very much.

Puffy: Your time is ticking, buddy. The bash is going to continue.

Puffy: Whoo!

Carson: You like that one. You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?

Puffy: I tickle myself.

Carson: All right. We want to thank hammer for being here. No. P. Diddy,
“bad boys 2” in stores today. Also, “making the band” season starts here
on mtv.

Puffy: And we will — and i will —

[ Cheers and applause ] And when carson decides to wrap this thing up,
I will be hosting your wrap-up party. Okay, jesse, jesse! Give it up for

Carson: He’s going to go baby-sit dream now. They near the crib. He’s
got to rock the june girls to sleep, and we’ll get to ashanti right now.
Thank you to p. Diddy, everybody.

Puffy: Make sure you all vote dream — dream, “crazy” make sure you
vote for dream.

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