New Jawn’s Juice Is Out

This week’s Jawn’s Juice has news on Toni Braxton being pregnant with what would be her second child with hubby Keri Lewis, which will likely push back her album release, which was expected to drop in November. Jawn also spoke with ‘Barbershop’ star Michael Ealy and a blind item where hip-hop superstar who just loves the girls got dissed by a Hollywood actress. Check it out here.

Ageing Rapper Leaves London Club Early

A blind item in the Mirror asks, “Which ageing US rapper who was in town last week had to leave a club early because he was suddenly feelilng extremely horny? A pal of the star was overheard at a party saying: ‘He’s going home because he needs a fu**.’ Classy guy.”

New Jawn’s Juice Out Today

Jawn’s Juice updated Tuesday with news on what Queen Pen has been up to, the Cuba Gooding Jr., Beyonce Knowles starring film ‘Fighting Temptations’, a blind item on an R&B legend’s son, reports that Lil’ Mo went into labor on Sunday, more on 3LW possibly removing Naturi, the buzz on ‘Barbershop’ being a good movie, and more.

Pharrell Dating Britney And Beyonce Simultaneously?

Well yesterday’s blind item in the Mirror hinted at it, but the Sunday People reports Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes and N.E.R.D. has been bragging about going on dates (the Mirror’s blind item mentioned much more than just ‘dates’) with Britney Spears, even though most assumed he was still dating Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles. A friend of Pharrell said: “He has been bragging about going out on dates with Britney. We were all really shocked, because everyone thought he was seeing Beyonce at the time. Both are pretty determined women who won’t give him up easily – so there could be some fireworks between the two of them.”

Unnamed Rapper Admits To Past Gay Relationship

Jawn Murray has a new column out today with a blind item stating, “Sources say that the ex-girlfriend of a popular rapper is telling folks before he became a hip hop superstar, the rapper was involved in a same-sex relationship.” There’s another on a female rapper as well.

Rapper Not Picky About Late Night Sex Sessions

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which US rapper is enjoying late-night sex sessions with buxom girls on his current stay in London? This bad boy may have worked with the cream of the crop when it comes to American music, but from what we hear he isn’t too fussy about his bedroom partners. After bedding one girlie, he woke up in the morning and couldn’t even remember her name.” The married Ja Rule has been doing radio show tour stops with Ashanti in the UK.

Rapper Gropes And Shoves Female Fan

A New York Post blind item asks, “Which mega-selling rapper groped a young female fan at a wild party hosted by a TV rap show host, and shoved her to the floor when she didn’t reciprocate? The roughed-up fan is mulling a lawsuit.”

Unsatisfying Rapper Dubbed ‘The Six Second Man’

In their July/August issue of Movieline magazine, the blind item asks, “That rap and hip-hop sensation is young, hot, street, built for sin and sells faster than sliced pizza. But, yo, yo, yo, Movieline wonders whether the urban dude’s swaggering braggart image will take a hit once his dissatisfied conquests start going public about his major… ummmm… shortcomings south of the belt line. What’s much more damning, thought, is the unflattering nickname women have given him – ‘The Six Second Man.'”

A Rap Duo Who’s Closer Than You Think

This week’s Star blind item asks, “These two guys are powerhouses in the world of hip hop – they’re equally rich and famous. They like to go out on the town together in style. It’s limos, Cristal champagne and bodyguards all the way. Girls are drawn to them like flies, and they have their choice of the foxiest models in town. Sometimes they party all night, but sometimes they go home alone. Well, not exactly alone. They’ve got each other. These two macho dudes are secretly bisexual and feel safe fooling around together because neither will risk talking about it.”