Nas’ Birmingham Show Demands


The Mirror hears Nas has demanded a police escort to and from his gig Friday night at The Works in Birmingham. “Under no circumstances is the artist to be delayed arriving or departing the venue due to traffic,” the 33-year-old rapper demanded. He also wants Kentucky Fried Chicken, 24 assorted Snapple drinks, blackberries, cranberries, and three BMW X5 4x4s.

Red Carpet Take Two

The New York Post reports Kanye West and fiancé Alexis Phifer were on hand for Ne-Yo’s album-release party at Marc Ecko’s showroom, where Alexis kept her coat on. West coaxed her back to the carpet and begged photogs to re-snap her without the jacket, which was covering up one of the items on her new dress line. An insider told Page Six, “She was wearing a dress from her Ghita label, and Kanye wanted her to show it off.”

Mom Chronicles Kanye’s Porn Addiction In New Memoir

The New York Post reports that in ‘Raising Kanye’, a new memoir of Kanye West’s youth in Chicago, Donda West says she repeatedly punished her son for his interest in raunchy adult magazines and videos, which began in fifth grade. “I’ll never forget the day he took the X-rated magazine to school [and] was passing it around for the other boys to see and the teacher caught him,” writes Donda, who chairs the Chicago State University English Dept. “When she asked him where he’d gotten the magazine, he said, ‘From my mother’s closet!’ . . . Before I knew it, I’d lost my temper and smacked him across the face.” After Kanye entered high school, Donda one day borrowed his VCR to watch a movie – and discovered an ultra-hard-core porn tape inside. “It was triple-X-rated and I was mad as hell.” To punish Kanye, she “required him to do a full-blown research paper complete with footnotes and bibliography . . . ‘The Impact of Watching X-rated Movies on a Teen-age Boy’ . . . Until he finished the paper to my satisfaction, there was to be no television, no going to play basketball, no friends over.”

Sean Penn Offers To Bail Eve Out

TMZ has learned that Eve got an early morning celebrity visit from Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn following her arrest on suspicion on driving under the influence early Thursday morning.

A friend of Eve’s tells The New York Daily News: “He offered to bail her out. Eve said, ‘Thank you, but no.’ The paparazzi were already gathering outside. Sean said, ‘Let me leave before this becomes something bigger than it is.'” Eve ended up posting the $30,000 bail on her own.

Video footage at has since been removed.

Diddy’s London Nightcap With Sienna Miller

The Sunday Mirror reports Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs left a party and headed over to Sienna Miller’s place early Friday morning. No one spotted either of them until she emerged looking pretty weary 12 hours later.

Snoop Dogg Banned From Entering Britain

The Mirror reports Britain’s Office Minister John Reid has banned rapper Snoop Dogg from entering the country – throwing the rapper’s UK tour into chaos. The move stems from his involvement in a mass brawl at Heathrow Airport last April that left several police officers injured. “This is not the first time that Snoop Dogg has been refused entry to the UK,” a Home Office source explained. “He has a history of serious criminal activity in the US and is facing charges of possessing a firearm and having cocaine on his person. The Home Office does not treat people differently because they’re celebrities. If Snoop Dogg does turn up at a UK port he will be turned away.”

The story at has since been removed.

Jay-Z Wants Big Raise From Def Jam

Now that Jay-Z’s contract with Def Jam is up at year’s end, the rapper turned businessman wants more money than chairman L.A. Reid is willing to pay. “Jay is asking for several million as a base salary,” one insider tells The New York Daily News, “plus big bonus ‘bumps’ on records that do well. L.A. isn’t going for it. They’re miles apart.”

Selita Ebanks Dating Nick Cannon And ‘Very Happy’

The New York Daily News caught up with Selita Ebanks at the Victoria’s Secret store in Herald Square, asking the model if she and boyfriend Nick Cannon had a quickie wedding in Las Vegas earlier this month. “I don’t talk to the press about my personal life,” she began, “but I will tell you that I’m not married. When I’m married everybody will know. Yes, we’re dating and we’re happy – we’re very happy. As a boyfriend, Nick is a really great guy.”

50 Cent Wants To Make Child Support Official

The New York Daily News reports 50 Cent is taking the unusual step of making his child support to his ex Shaniqua Tompkins for their son Marquise formal, filing papers in Family Court. The G-Unit main man had been taking care of his son and Shaniqua on his own, but apparently mom was becoming too demanding. “It was just getting so out of hand,” a friend of the rapper explained. “It was driven by greed. He felt it was necessary to get a court order making clear just what his responsibility is. He took matters into his own hands. It’s usually the woman who files. But he wants to do the right thing. 50 has always provided for his kid. His son’s mother is now making unreasonable demands, which seem to have no limits.”

Did Nick Cannon Really Get Married?

Nick Cannon wearing South Pole

Friends of Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks aren’t so sure the celebrity couple wed in Las Vegas over the weekend. “That sounds unlikely,” said one. A pal of Ebanks laughed, “She just spent Valentine’s Day with another guy who got her all this stuff from Tiffany and Cartier. She’s a player and just having fun since she signed her $17 million contract with Victoria’s Secret.”