The Truth Behind ‘You Got Me’

Celine Wong of Philadelphia blew the lid off a story that had MCA exec’s threatening to pull every add off not only XXL if they published it, but every magazine that Harris Publications owned. The story? That MCA had forced The Roots to replace the then little known Jill Scott with Erykah Badu in the Grammy winning ‘You Got Me’, which has torn the band with their label despite the song’s success, and left not only Scott, but an uncredited Eve pissed at MCA. Read more.

Debbie Wanted to Play Herself In Eminem Film?

According to Worldpop, Eminem’s grandmother Betty Kresin is saying Debbie Mathers is furious that she didn’t get the role of herself in the Eminem film instead of Kim Basinger. Betty says Debbie “‘is mad because she wanted to play the part.”

Elton Gets Slim Shady Shades

The Sun reports that in addition to the case of champagne Elton got for Eminem’s 29th birthday, the Stan pianist/singer bought Slim a pair of sunglasses with the words “F*** Off” standing up on top of the frames.

Buddyhead Update Featuring Bubba Sparxxx

Buddyhead had an update today and amongst the rap highlights were the bashing of rap artists who are lending a hand on the Limp Bizkit remix album. Also, the more juicier rumor that Michelle Branch hooked up with fat rapper Bubba Sparxxx after meeting him at a recent New York after-party.

Eminem Trying to Snog Co-Star?

The Sun reports Eminem and his onscreen lover Brittany Murphy have been flirting outrageously on the set of his new movie. Britney plays the role of Kim and an insider is saying of the two, “They have been having very intimate conversations. It looked like they were working on more than just their lines.”

Flo Anthony Update Featuring Puffy & Noreaga

Flo Anthony added an update today with news on Puffy’s reaction to Jennifer Lopez getting married [he didn’t know until Access Hollywood told him during an interview], rapper Noreaga producing a film ‘Whut Whut’ that features acquitted double murderer O.J. Simpson in a cameo role, Flo’s thoughts on the odd Erick Sermon ‘accident’, and an update from Master P. has since been shut down.

P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Label in Trouble

Reports are surfacing again that the troubled Bad Boy record label is ‘teetering on the edge of the abyss’ according to’s Roger Friedman. Plans have it to keep Dream and 112, but dump the remaining acts. As for shopping the Bad Boy to other labels, an insider told Friedman, “They don’t have hits, who would want them now?” Sean Puffy Combs’ big budget also doesn’t help his cause with Arista, and some say the decision to dump his label has already been made.

DMX Posse Still Packing Heat + More

The New York Post reports that they’ve heard DMX showed up at Blender magazine’s cover photo shoot with 20 friends, a stripper, several automatic weapons and some beer.

DMX Posse Packs Pistols

The New York Daily News reports DMX and his four bodyguards arrived at the party to celebrate Ja Rule’s album release for ‘Pain is Love’ only to be stopped by NV Club’s security as the DMX posse were carrying 4 guns. After an argument with the manager, the guards agreed to leave their guns at the door. Also partying it up were of course Ja Rule, and rapper Eve, and the now skeletal Whitney Houston.

Jay-Z Tokin’ Onstage?

The New York Daily News reports rapper Jay-Z was spotted grabbing a joint from the VIP section at his concert in Miami on Monday when he performed at Billboard Live, a new South Beach club. Jay-Z’s stabbing charges from 1999 (music executive Lance Rivera) are going to court next month.

Jay-Z’s rep in New York declined comment on the incident.