Flav’s Fried Chicken Opens

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ featured a segment on news that Flavor Flav of Public Enemy is opening a new fried chicken restaurant. “Flav’s Fried Chicken opened in Clinton, Iowa this week, just in time for National Racial Stereotypes Day,” Kimmel joked. The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Jay Pharoah’s Thanksgiving Rap

Last night’s ‘Weekend Update’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’ featured Jay Pharoah showing off his rap and impersonation skills as he presented ideas for a Thanksgiving hip hop song. Video of the clip featuring Jay as Jay-Z, Drake and Biggie Smalls can be viewed via NBC.com below.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Ad For Snoop Dogg’s SnooperMarket

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ joked about supposed plans by Snoop Dogg to open some SnooperMarket grocery stores the other night. He has a merch website at Snoopermarket.com. The comedy show put together an advertisement for the grocery store with plenty of snacks and a produce selection heavy on the marijuana.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Faux DMX ‘Lick Yo Hand’ Video Ft. Piper Palin

With Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin making music videos, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ joked about how even little Piper Palin is making music videos with DMX.

The ‘Lick Yo Hand’ satirical video at YouTube has since been removed.

Chelsea Handler Jokes About Vanilla Ice’s DIY Show

‘Chelsea Lately’ host Chelsea Handler checked out Vanilla Ice’s new handyman gig, a series on the DIY Network called ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’. “This show couldn’t have come at a better time, I thought I was going to have to use my old contractor, MC Hammer,” Chelsea joked. “Unlike MC Bankrupt, Vanilla Ice didn’t blow all his cash on an entourage because nobody wanted to hang around with a white rapper.” The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

If Snoop Dogg Was At The Olympics In Beijing

Snoop Dogg

Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Thursday night, “There has been a lot of talk about the air quality in China. Here’s how bad it is: They say that if Snoop Dogg were to roll down the windows of his limo in Beijing, smoke would actually pour into the limousine.”

Snoop Dogg Plans Children’s Books

Craig Ferguson joked during his ‘Late Late Show’ monologue on Wednesday night, “Snoop Dogg announced he is writing a series of children’s books today. Is that really a good idea? ‘Horton Hears a Hootchie Mama’. ‘Green Eggs & Blunts.'”

Snoop Dogg Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charge

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Wednesday (September 26): “Snoop Dogg was arrested again last weekend in an airport. Police found a deadly weapon in his computer bag. I know, we were all shocked. What was Snoop doing with a computer? What the hell? Why would he have one of those? Exactly. You can order weed online now, apparently.” To correct Carson, he actually pleaded guilty for possession of a collapsible baton, which he was arrested for in September 2006.

Snoop Dogg The Environmentalist

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Well, more news coming out about the big Live Earth concert. I saw Snoop Dogg was at the concert. You know, people don’t usually think of Snoop Dogg as an environmentalist. But actually, he is. Like, he carpools. Did you ever notice that? Always carpools. I mean, it’s usually with two cops in the back of a car, but it’s still carpooling!”

LA Has America’s Worst Air Quality

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Thursday night, “Well, I have to say a congratulations is in order to all of us that live here in Los Angeles. Did you guys hear the good news? L.A. Has the worst air quality in the United States of America. Number one. Yes. It’s official. The report says three most polluted areas are here in the Valley, downtown L.A. And directly over Snoop Dogg’s house. Those are the three.”