Bizarre Gets Cameo In Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ Film spoke with D12 member Bizarre who along with his groupmates will have a cameo in the new Eminem flick, ‘8 Mile’. Bizarre revealed, “I just got a little cameo role, just sitting in the background. Being silly, being me.”

Jay-Z And Damon Dash Join ‘The Last Crew’

The New York Post reports Jay-Z and his buddy Damon Dash have agreed to star in ‘The Last Crew’. Director Abel Ferrara told the Post, “Hip-hop just started back then. so the movie will have a hip-hop flavor. They’re fans of the [original] movie and we’re fans of them.”

DMX & Jet Li Start ‘Cradle to the Grave’ In February

According to the Hollywood Reporter, DMX and Jet Li will begin production for the movie ‘Cradle to the Grave’ in late February for a Joel Silver produced film set to hit theaters in the fall. Separately, DMX has signed with WMA’s Charles King and Dave Wirtschafter for theatrical representation, including acting and producing. The three previously worked together in ‘Romeo Must Die’.

Meth Says Cheech & Chong Comparisons Cool

Steve Jones of USA Today spoke with Redman and Method Man about the pairs new flick, ‘How High’. The dope themed movie has caused many to compare the duo to another grass smoking film pair causing Meth to say, “We ain’t taking nothing away from Cheech and Chong. It’s cool to be compared, but the only real comparison between us and them is the weed-smoking element. We just wanted to do this together because a lot of people suggested it to us. This is a movie for our age and for our generation.” Read more.

‘8 Mile’ Trailer Now Online

You can check out a near 2 minute trailer to the new Eminem starring movie ‘8 Mile’ at the movie’s official website which also has more details on the movie due out this summer. The trailer is scheduled to begin its run in theaters this weekend.

High Praise Puts Pressure On 8 Mile

Detroit Free Press reports 8 Mile director Curtis Hanson has put a lot of pressure on the film by making the following comparison: “I don’t want to jinx him by comparing him to icons like (Marlon) Brando and (Montgomery) Clift, but the best version of this movie would have the same emotional power as something like ‘East of Eden’ or ‘Splendor in the Grass.'”

Taryn Manning Says Eminem ‘Could Have A Lot Of Longevity’ has a few more photos of Eminem with Taryn Manning in his upcoming movie ‘8 Mile’. Manning was interviewed having great things to say about Slim gushing, “He’s the lead. He’s in every single scene. He just knows he has the power to create something that could have a lot of longevity. He can feel it inside. He’s focused. He’s intense, but he’s also really goofy.”

Eminem Movie Finally Has A Name

According to the Sun, Eminem’s biopic will be called ‘8 Mile’. The movie, which is due out next year, has been named after 8 Mile Road, which is seen locally in Eminem’s home town of Detroit as the dividing line between white and black neighborhoods.

Snoop Dogg Gets ‘Starsky And Hutch’ Role

IMDB reports Snoop Dogg is negotiating to play Huggy Bear in the new ‘Starsky And Hutch’ movie, where Ben Stiller will be playing Starsky, with Owen Wilson as Hutch in the TV show remake.

Brittany Murphy Gushes On And On About Eminem

Brittany Murphy was on with Jay Leno Wednesday night and was gushing about Eminem saying, “He’s a sweetheart. He really is. He’s a good, young man. He’s a really good man. He’s a great father and an exceptional actor.”