Nelly ‘Pimp Juice’ Video

The video for Nelly’s new single ‘Pimp Juice’ is out. It features Nelly in a pimp outfit, a big red Cadillac with fuzzy dice, and Nelly’s trademark Band-Aid is gone. Watch it via YouTube below.

Queen Latifah On The Early Show

Queen Latifah is the woman of the hour in 2003, she visited The Early Show to talk about her new film ‘Bringing Down the House,’ and the Oscar nod she earned for her role in ‘Chicago.’ Watch the video clip here.

Nelly Says He’ll Take Any, But Especially Album Grammy

Nelly was on the CBS Early Show on Thursday to preview Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Asked how he felt about his chances, he says, “At this stage, I’ll take any. But if they want to give me that Album Of The Year, I’ll definitely take it. It’s big to be in the company that you’re in. You know, everybody in that category has had big years, albums still selling, still at the top of the charts, still doing well. So it’s going to be a crunch-time decision, I think. up until the buzzer.” Watch the clip here.

Nelly Previews Grammys On ‘The Early Show’

Nelly was on the CBS Early Show on Thursday to preview Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Asked how he felt about working with Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child on ‘Dilemma’, he said, “Kelly is very beautiful, very talented, too. I think, for her, it was just a chance for her, showing her individual skills opposed to being in a group. I think everybody knew her talent as well as in a group, Destiny’s Child has sold numerous amount of albums and so successful together.” Watch the clip here.

Watch Nelly Read Off Grammy Nominees

The CBS Early Show has a short clip of part of yesterday’s Grammy nominations, featuring Nelly, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Jam, Cindy Lauper, and Kenny Chesney reading off this year’s nominees. Watch it here.

Barbra Streisand Can Relate To Eminem

Barbra Streisand spoke with the Associated Press and revealed that she recently went to see Eminem’s hit movie debut, ‘8 Mile,’ and had trouble following what the rapper was saying. “Most of the language I couldn’t understand,” she admits. It’s like watching a foreign film.” However, she says, “this kid Eminem is really interesting. I can relate to the truth, and I can relate to emotion, and I can relate to him in some strange way. … I was raised in the projects. I was born in Brooklyn. We were poor. I relate to that stuff because that’s my roots, my heritage.” Read more.

Video Clips Of Jay-Z With ’60 Minutes II’

Jay-Z’s interview on ’60 Minutes II’ aired earlier tonight on CBS, and the show’s website includes web exclusive interview clips where Jay talks about not getting signed to a label, and the chip on his shoulder, his success in the music business, and about his unique lyrical flow. Watch the clips here.

Russell Simmons On The CBS Early Show

The CBS Early Show had Russell Simmons on Thursday morning to talk about ‘Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway’ which he opened later that day in New York. They also showed highlights of the play from a preview performance. Russell says bringing spoken word to broadway was a natural step. He says the diverse racial and geographical backgrounds of the poets wasn’t by design. Jam Master Jay also plays a part in the play, and Simmons also commented on his legacy. Watch the interview here.

Ms. Jade ‘Big Head’ Video

Ms. Jade 'Girl Interrupted'

Ms. Jade released the music video to her new single ‘Big Head’, featuring Mary Malena and Timbaland. The Dawn Rose produced track is off Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper’s debut studio album ‘Girl Interrupted’, out now on Beat Club Records / Interscope Records. Watch the Chris Robinson directed video via Vevo below.

Ms. Jade 'Big Head' music video