LL Cool-ed Until J.Lo Heated Up His Sales

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reports that LL Cool J’s album got a lifesaving boost from Jennifer Lopez after Epic allowed Def Jam to use the smash hit ‘All I Have’ on LL’s latest album ’10’. The disc had been at a lowly #84 before getting the J.Lo boost this week to rocket to the #9 spot – selling 66,101 units, up from 11,189. For her part, Lopez didn’t get much of a boost from the track, having already had a top 10 selling album since its release.

50 Cent Album Sales Stay Strong

HitsDailyDouble.com reports 50 Cent’s new chart topping album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’’ is headed for another strong sales week. With first-day reports indicating it could well reach 600,000 units, and not experience the 50% dropoff that most new releases do after its impressive 800,000+ debut in less than a week.

50 Cent Set To Sell 750,000 Copies Of ‘Get Rich’

HitsDailyDouble.com reports 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’’ is set to top this week’s chart with early tallies of sales reports indicating that when everything is accounted for, the album will have sold at least 750k for the week, and possibly as much as 800k. This despite some stocking problems and a Thursday release.

50 Cent On Pace To Clear Over 500,000 Units Of Debut

HitsDailyDouble.com reports that despite 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ being released on a Thursday (instead of the traditional Tuesday release), the rapper will easily top 500,000 units sold, and could reach as high as 650,000. IGA marketing head Steve Berman says he hasn’t seen anything like this since the last Eminem album, which also came out early last Memorial Day Weekend, and ended up selling 1.7 million in a little under two weeks. “50 Cent has exceeded our wildest dreams,” he said. “It’s a tribute to the vision of Eminem and Dr. Dre and the artistry of 50 Cent.”

Eminem Tops Slumping Album Charts

Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ soundtrack held on to the #1 spot in the week ended January 5th, despite a steep falloff in sales from the previous frame. The album, which has sold 3.6 million units to date, saw sales of just 119,000 this time out — down 62%. The sales drop was typical of most albums following the Christmas buying buildup.

Eminem Dominates In Slumping Music Year

Reuters reports that despite a slumping year in music, Eminem had a hugely successful 2002 with the top selling album on Nielson SoundScan. Slim sold 7.6 million copies of his latest album, ‘The Eminem Show,’ much more than Nelly’s ‘Nellyville’ at #2, while Eminem again appeared with the soundtrack to his movie debut, ‘8 Mile,’ which ranked #5 for the year with nearly 3.5 million units sold.

Tupac Shakur’s Latest Set To Sell 400,000 Units

2Pac 'Better Dayz' album cover

HitsDailyDouble.com reports Tupac Shakur’s latest posthumous release, ‘Better Dayz’ looks like it’ll do about 400k in first week album sales, depending on whether stock issues can be sorted out. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg’s ‘Paid Tha Cost to Be Tha Boss’ is tracking to sell as much as 250k. Baby of the Big Tymers and The Roots’ ‘Phrenology’ should both over 100k. And Busta Rhymes’ It Ain’t Safe No More’ should come in near 100k. Shania Twain and Tim McGraw will be battling for the top spot with both expecting around 500-600k.

‘The Last Temptation’ Debuts At #4

Final numbers are in from Hits Daily Double and Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ soundtrack gets the #3 spot, enough to beat out the Ja Rule debut at #4 with ‘The Last Temptation’ — selling 225,361 copies for the week. Jay-Z’s album took a big tumble from #1 to #7, while Missy Elliott dropped from #3 to #8 and ‘The Eminem Show’ dropped to #10. Talib Kweli debuted in the #21 spot despite getting virtually no promo. Shania Twain topped the charts.

Ja Rule Disappoints With Latest Efforts

Ja Rule 'The Last Temptation' album cover

One day sales show Ja Rule’s new album ‘The Last Temptation’ will only sell a little more than 200,000 copies, or less than one half what DMX did on his last record. Ja’s movie opposite Steven Seagal had similar results opposite chief rival DMX, getting one half the box office. Meanwhile, Jay-Z’s stay at the top of the charts will end after one week, with Shania Twain’s ‘Up!’ set to sell over 800,000 units.

Jay-Z Set To Top Charts Over ‘8 Mile’, Missy Gets #3

Early numbers from HitsDailyDouble.com indicate that Jay-Z is on pace to clear over 600,000 units of ‘Blueprint 2’, enough to beat out Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ soundtrack. Other hip hop notables include Missy Elliott, whose ‘Under Construction’ looks set to debut at #3, while Fat Joe opens at a mildly disappointing #25 with ‘Loyalty’. WC debut at #41 with ‘Ghetto Heisman’, LL Cool J clings to the top 50 so far at #8. The site’s final numbers come in tomorrow.