Rapper Erick Sermon Crashes Benz – Critical Condition

Rapper Erick Sermon suffered broken bones and internal bleeding after crashing his Mercedes-Benz into a cement highway divider on a highway on Friday.

Sermon was headed home following a video shoot and according to his publicist, Biff Warren, may have fallen asleep behind the wheel and skidded on the rain slicked highway.

Warren says Sermon was conscious and would survive the accident but will need many months to recover.

Eve Not Just A Rapper

MOBO talked to top female rapper Eve and she insists she’s got more vocal talents than just rapping saying, “You know, I was a singer before I started rapping, so on this album I wanted my audience to hear more of my vocal skills – I’m not just a rapper.”

Da Brat Leaves New Voice Message

Da Brat left a new message on her official website on September 19 telling fans that Mariah Carey is doing fine and everything is great, telling ‘true fans of hers’ that Mariah ‘sends her love fo’ sure.’ Also, she said the new album is coming out in January and she apologized for her foul mouth during the message littered with profanity. Her site has since shut down.

Video Stream – Eve at Chaos

Bthere.tv has Eve performing at Chaos, full video high speed bandwidth. Eve performs her hit, “Eve of Destruction.” There also is a clip before the show that includes many of the hip-hop celebs that came to watch the show. The site has since closed.

Dr. Dre’s ‘Bad Intentions’

Dr. Dre

Launch.com reports Dr. Dre’s “Bad Intentions” will be the first single released off “The Wash” soundtrack. The film stars Dre, Snoop Dogg, and George Wallace.

Look for the soundtrack to hit record stores Tuesday, November 6 and the movie Wednesday, November 14.

Bad Boy Looking For A New Home?

Launch.com reports P. Diddy is reportedly shopping for a new home for his Bad Boy Entertainment label as his deal with Arista is nearing completion and as we reported earlier, the Arista label recently has been having financial troubles. Word is Sony and Interscope are looking to get Puffy to join them but there still are issues to work out. Who will defect with Puffy from Arista amongst his signed acts, which include Black Rob, G. Dep, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, Dream, Loon, Bristal, Mark Curry, remains the key factors in the move.

Garbage Loves Eminem

Shirley Manson talked to the BBC’s Radio 1 where she admitted her and her Garbage bandmates are big fans of Eminem and she admits during recording of their forthcoming album, “The Eminem record we had on constantly, it was one of our favorite records of last year.”

P. Diddy Gives Thanks

Sean Puffy Combs posted a message on his official website saying, “P Diddy and the entire Bad Boy family would like to thank all the rescue workers for their heroic efforts during the World Trade Centre and Pentagon tragedy. Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with all those touched by this great tragedy.”

Simmons Says Rappers Will Become Less Materialistic

Def Jam Records Chairman Russell Simmons is predicting recent terrorist attacks on the U.S. will cause rappers to rethink their current materialistic lyrics. Simmons says to the New York Times, “How big your car is is a boring subject right now. I think there’s a new consciousness in the hip-hop community right now.”

Simmons says the sense of patriotism will inject itself into the rap community adding, “This kind of incident reminds artists that there’s more than dancing or singing. It’s made people more patriotic, and I think a lot of people will be more responsive and aware of their power.”