Wanna Star With Slim?

The makers of Eminem’s new movie are holding open casting calls this Saturday and Sunday at the Academy Of Arts and Sciences in Detroit. They’re looking for men & women over 18 to play club kids, factory workers, truck drivers and other bit parts for the film due out 2002.

Sean Puffy Combs Apologizes to Asians

Puff Daddy is under fire following a rash of complaints after his latest single, ‘P. Diddy’ includes the verse, Got Asian women/ That’ll change my linen/ After I done blazed and hit ’em.”

Combs is now having an updated version of the tune made without the offensive lyrics and issued an apology through his Bad Boy label.

Timbaland And Dr. Dre To Mix It Up?

MTV talked to Timbaland where the producer revealed he’s been talking to Dr. Dre about doing a “Dr. Dre/Timbaland album.” Timbaland says, “Dre has kept it under wraps, I kept it under wraps. He was going to get a couple of other [producers] like [Jermaine Dupri], but I really think it should be me and him. We’ve been talking about it for the last two months. We’ll pick artists we feel like we should do the beats for and put it out and promote it.”

Ludacris Loves Loverboy Experience

Launch.com talked to Ludacris about his opportunity to work with Mariah Carey on her debut single from the Glitter album. On working with Carey, he admits, “It was good, you know, breaking bread with Mariah Carey also, and drinking Cristal in the studio with her and all that. I was having a lot of fun. She’s a real down-to-earth person. I really hope to work with her again.”

Mos Def & Q-Tip Comment On Terrorist Attacks

360hiphop.com talked to several rappers including Q-Tip and Mos Def following the devastating terror attacks against the US September 11. Both Muslims, Mos Def said “What happened has nothing to do with Islam. This is the work of terrorists and Islam is not about that.”

Krayzie Bone Speaks on New Album

Krayzie Bone talked to Allhiphop.com about his new album Thug on Da Line where he talked about how his sound has changed since his debut Creepin on ah Come Up in 1994. Bone says, “Man it’s ghetto, um it’s more, it’s perfected more you know what I’m
saying, it’s grown. I concentrated on production more on this album, make sure I have the right beats for the right rhymes.”

Suge: More Tupac Shakur Music On the Way

Suge Knight tells Phatmag.com he still has eight albums of 2pac material yet to unleash revealing, “With all the Tupac stuff, we got all the different sides of him. The conscious ‘Pac, the thugged out ‘Pac and the more reflective, laid back ‘Pac.”

Good Info on Fabolous

RapSheet.com has a great article about rapper Fabolous and his comments about people saying he has a sound similar to Ma$e where he admits, “I think the comparisons were made because anything new that you hear, you gonna relate it to something. Kind of like food, like, ‘Yo, this tastes like chicken’, or something like that. I think that it’s more of people not knowing me so they tried to relate me to something they did know. I think that once I really got established it just kind of died out.”

Sticky Fingaz Talks Black Trash and Movie Plans

Sticky Fingaz

Radio 1 talked to Sticky Fingaz about his ‘Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones’ album and he revealed that a movie centering around the disc is in the works. Sticky says, “We are currently going into production in November so it’s going to be hot. The album is only 70 minutes and the movie is over two hour long. The movie will get more in-depth and specific.”

Dr. Dre Chips In To Relief Efforts

Dr. Dre

In response to the terrorist attacks that happened in the United States last Tuesday, Dr. Dre has pledged $1 million to help with the relief efforts, reports Launch.com.