Bow Wow: ‘Underrated’ Is My Vincent van Gogh

Bow Wow

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) this morning, discussing his upcoming album ‘Underrated’, the first release on his new label Cash Money. The 24-year-old rapper and actor writes:

This the first time I’ve actually gone through some real life sh** in my life that has changed me as a person. Which has made my music more darker mature different from anything out. This will be the first album I drop where EVERYONE can’t relate to every song. This my pain my thoughts my life. This album is my Vincent van gogh. F*** all that rich sh** stuntin and being flashy. I making “MUSIC” I now understand don’t mean nuffn if you can play it 5 yrs from now. I’m making sh** that will get u through yo day. Plus I’m exposing all my flaws. #Forgiveme

50 Cent’s H & H Imports Crushed After Announcing Deal With TV Goods

While the stock market was performing well on Tuesday, H & H Imports, Inc., the company that 50 Cent has a major investment in was clobbered, dropping from $0.32 to $0.17, or nearly 50%. The hip hop mogul issued a benign press release Tuesday morning announcing a definitive agreement for TV Goods to exclusively produce and distribute a direct response television infomercial to globally market the “50 Cent” headphones. The stock has made a round trip to the level it was when 50’s involvement with the company was first announced and the G-Unit mainman hyped the stock on Twitter, rocketing up to more than a dollar in late February before crashing down to today’s levels.

“I am glad that we have finalized the TV Goods deal, so I can now focus my energy on finalizing the product and getting it to market ASAP,” 50 said in the release. “TV Goods will enhance my marketing strategy with television and the internet and I plan to also promote the product in music videos, TV, radio, through social networking, and movies.”

Nick Cannon: Stop Asking Me About Eminem

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon checked in with his Twitter followers (@NickCannon) earlier this morning, talking about the death of a childhood friend, not having a beef with anyone, and not wanting to be asked about someone he and his wife Mariah Cary have feuded with in the past, Eminem. Nick writes:

Just heard another childhood friend lost his life to some senseless gang violence. We are grown men now, why are we still doing this?

I thank God everyday for the blessings and the favor he has on my life. I could’ve easily got caught up in of them Southeast streets

And we I’m grown man reflecting… I don’t have “Beef” with anyone. Beef is real street shit. My life is too good to be mad with anyone.

So to the media and people who keep trying to perpetuate old stuff. It’s silly at this point. Please stop asking me about Eminem.

Baby Bash Recording With South Park Mexican… In Prison

Baby Bash

Baby Bash checked in with his Facebook followers, talking about recording with jailed rapper South Park Mexican, who has been serving a 45 year prison sentence on aggravated sexual assault of a then 9-year-old child. Bash writes:

on my way to do another song wit SPM for the PLAYAMADE MEXICANZ album! we have so many new verses from him!locked down or not his voice will b heard! spread the LOVE and pray for the TORNADO victims and families! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

Plan B: Being White Prevents Me From Cracking America

Plan B

English rapper Plan B scored three Ivor Novello Awards earlier this week but wasn’t sounding in a celebratory mood while chatting with Metro. The 27-year-old said he’s been shut out of the lucrative American music market because of his color. “I’m too white for the black radio stations and I’m too black for white radio stations so nobody knows where to place me,” he complained, continuing to offend by saying he was “not prepared to suck co**” to get his music played in the U.S.

Animal Farm Release ‘Culture Shock’

Animal Farm

Animal Farm’s new album ‘Culture Shock’ has finally hit iTunes. After a three year hiatus, the Portland group are back with a CD featuring Talib Kweli, DJ Rob Swift, and Abstract Rude. In lieu of the LP’s release, ‘Animal Farm’ has decided to let loose another leak from the LP, ‘Music For Idiots’, featuring Abstract Rude (since removed at

Talib Kweli Sticks Up For Common

Talib Kweli stopped by the “What’s Trending” set to talk about his Twitter battle with Fox News over Common’s invite to the White House, the death of Cali Swag District rapper M-Bone, and the future of hip hop. “The classification of Common as an artist as a thug or some sort of vile rapper hit close to home for me, because Common is a friend,” Talib said. “He’s a friend of my family, and our music is very similar in terms of content, in terms of style, in terms of passion. For Common to be called a thug because he made a song about Assata Shakur, sort of stripped some of his dignity and disrespected his family, and strips him of his rights as an artist, and it’s just plain and dead wrong. This is a clear act of lying.”

Video at has since been removed.

Music Peers React To M-Bone Murder On Twitter

Several artists weighed in on the death of M-Bone from Cali Swag District, who was the victim of a drive-by shooting in Inglewood on Sunday night. Among the messages on Twitter:

Ben J of New Boyz (@ImBenJBro): @SmooveDaGeneral My nigga 4life keep yo head up Dog u and the rest of the Fam, we praying. I got u 4 anything my dude. RING ME whenever

The Game (@thegame): Can I get a moment of silence for the lil homie M-Bone R.I.P. from Cali Swag District. A kid Gunned down in the streets of Los Angeles SMH
H.A.T.E.R.S. Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success – R.I.P. M-Bone 1989-2011

Lil Twist (@LilTwist): R.I.P M-Bone of Cali Swag District! Got the homie and his family in my prayers!! To the whole crew keep y’all heads up! #luv

Twista (@twistaGMG): #RIP to the homie M-bone from cali swag,your family is in my prayers. you got the whole world doin a dance thats what you call a #legacy

Solange Knowles (@solangeknowles): M-Bone from Cali Swag District, a life gone too soon. Part of a creation that brought so many momentous & happy times to me & friends.

Cypress Hill More Focused On Group Over Solo Projects

Cypress Hill

B-Real of Cypress Hill spoke with In Utah This Week about the group’s time off during their past eight months of touring in support of ‘Cannabis Dreams’, which has seen them working on individual projects in addition to new Cypress Hill material. “We all took our time to do the side projects that we were itching to do,” the 40-year-old rapper explained. “We’ve done that but we’re focused more on Cypress Hill. I will still put out my mix tapes, but first and foremost and always the most important thing to me is Cypress Hill.”

Mann ‘Tell A Friend 2 Tell A Friend’ Mixtape


West LA rapper Mann, most known for his chart topping hit ‘Buzzin’, featuring the 50 Cent assisted remix, teams up with DJ ill Will & The LA Leakers for his mixtape ‘Tell A Friend 2 Tell A Friend’, which is a pre-mixtape to hold fans over until he drops his all original full length ‘Freshman on Varsity’ tape later this summer.

2.Birthday Bitch (Get Ratchet)
3.Cat Daddy (Remix)
4.All-Star (Remix)
5.Baddie On Deck feat Kid Ink
6.On My Level (Remix)
7.Hustle Hard (Remix)
8.Black & Yellow (West LA)
9.Whip My Hair (Remix)
10.9X Outta 10
11.FYI feat The Goonies

Update: The mixtape stream at has since been removed.