Davey D Sounds Off On Coup Critic

Davey D gave his thoughts on the recent controversy that Michelle Malkin of the New York Post has created when she blasted Washington Post writer David Segal who dared pick The Coup’s album ‘Party Music’ as his favorite for the year. Davey says, “All in all Ms Malkin seems to be part of this new ilk of self-selecting Patriots. She wants to lead a crusade against the Coup and this Washington Post writer who enjoyed their album Party Music while in the same breath say we have freedom of expression.” Check out his comments here.

Eminem’s Message: Society Is Hypocritical

Neil Strauss of the New York Times put together a great piece on Eminem where he admits, “I would like to rescind any apology I ever offered for liking it.” Strauss boiled down Eminem’s lyrical mission stating, “Eminem’s message is essentially the same: Society is hypocritical, and most parents and teachers have failed their children, so it is up to individuals to live in accordance with their own free will.”

Radio 1 DJ Picks Puffy’s Song As Tops For 2001

BBC’s Radio 1 spoke with their top host, Trevor Nelson, about his top picks for the 2001 year. Trevor picked Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ ‘Bad Boy For Life’ as the tune for 2001 and best single. He also called Timbaland (yeah, the misspelled his name) the God of 2001.

Sales Troubles For Rap As Rock Rises

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News is examining the recent troubling trend in hip-hop as sales for top acts have struggled and have shown little staying power atop the charts, unlike rockers Creed, P.O.D., System of a Down and Puddle of Mudd. Farber notes, “The genre’s party mood and thuggishness seem less relevant now. At the same time, rock’s bands have forsaken their old macho style to reveal a more in-step, sensitive side.”

Davey D Sounds Off On Hip-Hop American Taliban Tie

Davey D sounded off on the recent media reports from MSNBC, Newsweek, Bill O’Reilly, and CBS News regarding the hip-hop tie-in to captured American Taliban John Walker. Apparently Walker had frequented hip-hop message boards and even questioned why Nas “is indeed a ‘God’? If this is so,” Walker indignantly asks, “then why does he smoke blunts, drink Moet, fornicate, and make dukey music? That’s a rather pathetic ‘god’, if you ask me.” Read his thoughts on the issue here.

Is Jay-Z Overrated?

That’s the question on Davey D this week as several have chimed in on the question. If our current poll is any indication, most of you would laugh at the suggestion. Still, there’s a wide range of opinions that were given to Davey. Check out people’s comments here.

N. Bedford Couch Sounds Racial Tone On Hip Hop Culture

N. Bedford Couch of the Village Voice is blasting the culture of black popular culture and white artists like Bubba Sparxxx that embrace it. Said Couch, “Our children—our young white children—are in crisis, trapped in the grip of a culture that glorifies drug use and debauchery, slovenly dress, and lack of respect for authority. A culture whose worship of antisocial behavior and debasement is rivaled only by its amoral concessions to the dictates of mammon. This can largely be attributed to the unfortunate dominance of black popular culture, and—more specifically—hip-hop.” Read more.