Lil’ Bow Wow’s ‘Doggy Bag’ Not Groundbreaking

Michael D. Clark of the Houston Chronicle reviewed the latest offering from Lil’ Bow Wow, ‘Doggy Bag’, giving it lukewarm reviews. Clark said, “Musically, it’s not a groundbreaking set, but it does single him out as the rhyme prince of choice for parents looking for beats with G-rated messages attached.”

Mos Def Talented And Versatile Performer

Troy J. Augusto of Variety was on hand at the Black Jack Johnson Project concert at the House of Blues on Friday and gave rave reviews. The Mos Def led project performed an 80 minute set boasting “a wide array of styles and moods, including reggae, hard rock, blues, punk and R&B, with some original songs and some covers.” Augusto also called Mos Def “clearly one of the most talented and versatile performers in contemporary hip-hop.”

‘Stillmatic’ Lives Up To The Hype For Nas reviewed the latest effort from Nas and had great things to say about ‘Stillmatic’. Tackz said of the album, “‘Stillmatic’ lives up to the hype in every way. This is without a doubt my pick for best album of 2001. Scoop this album up as it will be a classic in no time!” has since removed the review.

Nas Album Given 9 Of 10 Rating

Nas 'Stillmatic' album cover

Steve ‘Flash’ Juon of gave his thoughts on the latest album from Nas, ‘Stillmatic’, giving it 9 out of 10. Said Juon, “While no album may ever top his debut’s brilliance, this one comes close enough to make even his most passionate haters happy to hear the raw essence of hip-hop revealed in all it’s true glory.” Read more.

Wu-Tang Clan Delivers Most Consistent Effort

Wu-Tang Clan 'Iron Flag' album cover

Jason Bracelin of the Dallas Observer reviewed the latest effort from Wu-Tang Clan, ‘Iron Flag’, with generally positive comments. Bracelin said, “The result of this circling of the wagons is perhaps the Wu’s most consistent effort since its debut,” adding “It makes for an album as bewildering as it is booming and demonstrates that there’s really nothing these guys are afraid of.” Read more.

Wu-Tang Clan Perform At Hammerstein Ballroom

Newsday’s Martin Johnson was at the Wu-Tang Clan concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom Wednesday night and reports the show was marred by sound problems. “Several of the microphones were inferior, and frustration mounted among the less-charismatic members,” he said.

Hammer Movie Not Worth The Time

Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald reviewed Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story which premiered on VH1 on Wednesday giving the show only 1 star and saying, “If you’re a fan of either Hammer or humorously cliche-riddled TV movies, then ‘Too Legit’ will be a perfect fit. Otherwise, you’d be well advised to steer clear of it.”

Writer Picks Party Music As Album Of Year

Writers from the Cleveland Free Times picked their top albums of the year and Franklin Soults picked The Coup’s Party Music saying, “Nothing feels more alive at the close of this deadly year than this stunningly angry and compassionate manifesto of leftist rhymes and electrofunk grooves.”

Princess Superstar Is Earns High Marks

'Princess Superstar Is' album cover

Russell Baillie of the New Zealand Herald reviewed the new album from white girl rapper Princess Superstar, giving ‘Princess Superstar Is’ 4 stars, saying, “Not only is she blackly funny and rude throughout this vital 16-track album — the early ‘Bad Babysitter’ is laugh-out-loud stuff — but it’s also the aggressive I’m-already-famous alter-ego she projects that makes her compelling.” Read more.

D12 Deflated Without Eminem

Jonathan Valania of the Philadelphia Inquirer was at Tuesday’s D12 concert Theatre of Living Arts in Philly. Valania had a mixed review of the show concluding, “Despite D12’s relentlessly in-your-face performance, Mathers’ absence let the air out of the proceedings: The crew pretty much had to beg the half-filled room to ask for an encore.”