Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre ‘Adequate’ In ‘The Wash’

Chris Vognar of the Dallas Morning News gives the Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg starring ‘The Wash’ a 2 star rating (out of 4) describing their performance as ‘adequate’ and describing the film as “stitched-together collection of harmless and uneventful weed and sex skits, some of which make an effort to cling to the friendship theme.”

‘The Wash’ Is ‘Uneven’ And ‘Mildly Amusing’

Esther Iverem, Arts and Film Critic reviewed the new Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre movie ‘The Wash’ and while trying to say something good about the film, had little to offer. Esther says, “There is some semblance of a plot here,” adding “But it is not very funny. There are some good lines.”

‘The Wash’ Bashed Harshly By Critic

Paul Sherman of the Boston Herald reviewed the Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg starring ‘The Wash’, which incidently includes an uncredited cameo appearance by Eminem, who plays a disgruntled former employee who’s only shown in darkness, hooded or from a distance. As for the movie, Sherman says, “‘The Wash’ might not be the most obnoxious comedy of the year or even the most unfunny. But it might be the most depressing. This sluggish vehicle for rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg is so lacking in comic juice that, much of the time, it’s hard to believe it’s even trying to be funny.”

Redman and Soundman Disappoint Milwaukee Audience

Gemma Tarlach of the Journal Sentinel was on hand at the Redman show in Milwaukee Saturday night and left very disappointed in a show that not only lacked energy, but lacked acoustics and a decent sound man. To top it all off, Redman came out 2 hours after the opening act… Even though the turntables had been set up long before. The full story at has since been removed.

DMX No-Show For MonsterJam, P Diddy Shines

Sarah Rodman of The Boston Herald was on hand at last night’s MonsterJam but unfortunately DMX and Bubba Sparxxx, both scheduled on the FleetCenter bill didn’t. In their place, Eve, Missy Elliott, and Craig David provided a good show leading up to Sean Puffy Combs, who Rodman said, “Usually the impressive record mogul/so-so rapper wastes a lot of time with make some noise nonsense surrounded by huge stage sets, pyro and about 80 members of his Bad Boy Family. Last night he actually kept it simple with just a few friends and fireworks.”

Murray Blasts New DMX Album

Sonia Murray of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wasn’t impressed with DMX’s latest, “The Great Depression,” saying of the rapper’s latest work, “DMX’s former bullets are often so sluggish, repetitive and predictable it’s as if they could easily be snatched out of the air.” Murray added, “Much of the rapper’s signature energy seems sapped.”

‘Bones’ Is ‘Classier And Smarter Than You’d Expect’

Chris Hewitt of the Miami Herald was impressed with the Snoop Dogg film ‘Bones’, though said the blood used in the film was way too thick. Hewitt says, “Director Ernest Dickerson uses elegant visuals, suspenseful editing and lighting to give Bones its edge.” The full review at has since been removed.

Knight Ridder’s Glenn Lovell Slams Snoop’s Bones

New to the movie theaters Bones got a chilly review from Knight Ridder’s Glenn Lovell as he gave the Snoop Dogg starring flick 1 1/2 stars saying encouraging words though on the rapper’s performance, “Despite a fun performance by rapper Snoop Dogg, who obviously relished playing the badmutha from beyond the grave, this pre-Halloween chiller would be hard-set to frighten a nervous pussycat.”

Jay-Z The ‘Ultimate Hip-Hop Sell-Out’

Jay-Z 'The Blueprint' album cover’s Mark Anthony Neal reviewed Jay-Z’s new album ‘The Blueprint’ and says of the rapper, “Jay Z will never be mistaken for ‘street level gramscians’ like Common, Michael Franti or even Ice Cube, but nobody does ghetto-centric hip-hop better than Jay Z.” Neal though wonders of a backlash from Jay-Z’s commercial success saying, “in some circles Sean Carter will be viewed as the ultimate hip-hop sell-out.” Read more.

Jay-Z Plays Philly’s Electric Factory

The Philadelphia Enquirer’s A.D. Amorosi reviewed Jay Z’s sold out performance Monday night at Electric Factory saying, the “Lounge Tour production came across as a hip-hop talk show with Jay as intelligent, opinionated, humorous, boasting host.”