50 Cent Comes Up Short On Follow-Up

50 Cent 'The Massacre' album cover

Tarron Lively of The Washington Times reviewed 50 Cent’s latest effort ‘The Massacre’, giving it a weak judgment. “In the end, the album will leave listeners with a decidedly blah feeling,” Lively writes. “It’s not a regression exactly, but detractors won’t be converted, and the millions who purchased ‘Get Rich …’ won’t find any stylistic leap forward here.” Read more.

50 Cent’s CD On The Money

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed 50 Cent’s latest, claiming the demand for the disc is well-deserved. “Is all the hype worth it? You better bloody believe it,” Farber writes. “The Massacre” has as many club-savvy beats and maddening hooks as ‘Get Rich’, while repeating few of its formulas.”

Album Review: Kutmasta Kurt’s ‘Redneck Games’

Kutmasta Kurt 'Redneck Games' album cover

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Kutmasta Kurt is one of the best producers the underground has to offer. Yet, even with all his critical accolades, Kurt has never received the recognition he deserves from the mainstream media. Looking to help change all of that is Kurt’s ‘Redneck Games’, a compilation full of his best work over the years. Check out the review here.

Ludacris ‘The Red Light District’ Review

Ludacris 'The Red Light Disctrict' album cover

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4 albums after showing his Southern Hospitality; throwin’ them ‘bows; declaring people move out the way; and eventually demanding everyone to stand up – the same man is here to take you to ‘The Red Light District’, on his 5th audio offering. How does it hold up? Read the review here.

Nas’ ‘Street’s Disciple’ Is Out, How Does It Hold Up?

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New York hip-hop heavyweights like the Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z and the late great Notorious B.I.G have all dropped double albums at points in their illustrious careers. So it was only right that another NY God MC chose to follow suit. And Nas does just that with his latest release, a double LP entitled ‘Street’s Disciple’. If fans remember, the album was pushed back quite a few number of times, before its eventual release. Read full review at BallerStatus.net.

Nas Broadens His Scope With ‘Street’s Disciple’

Nas 'Street's Disciple' album cover

Oliver Wang of the Seattle Weekly reviewed Nas’ latest effort, ‘Street’s Disciple’. Wang writes, “At first glance, the album’s charms aren’t immediately obvious. At 26 songs, ‘Street’s Disciple’ lacks ‘God’s Son’s cohesion… Especially as a double album, it’s easy to wonder if ‘Street’s Disciple’ would have been better off edited down to one disc.” But on the positive side, he added, “This is a deeply personal effort—not just topically, but also in its creative scope. Artists brag about making albums ‘the way they wanted to,’ but ‘Street’s Disciple’s eclectic song selection rarely bows to calculated convention or commercial archetypes.” Read more.

T.I. ‘Urban Legend’ Review

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‘Trap Muzik’ was one of the best albums of 2004, will T.I. be able to top it with his late 2005 release ‘Urban Legend’? Well, that’s almost an unfair question, it’s damned near impossible to top a classic and that’s exactly what ‘Trap Muzik’ was, with ‘Urban Legend’, however, T.I. continues to pick things up where he left off. He’s still bragging, he’s still smooth, and he’s still staking claim to being the king of the south. Therealitybox.proboards28.com has since removed the review.

Eminem Goes Both Ways In His Brand-New ‘Encore’

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed Eminem’s new album ‘Encore’, claiming the latest CD from the world’s top selling rapper “doesn’t disappoint.” Aquilante writes, “This disc is a clear continuation of his Grammy-grabbing ‘The Eminem Show’; that’s why it’s called ‘Encore.’ Vented rage, violence as the solution and broken-home whines and poses are the heart and soul of this record… His raps are guilty pleasures. He’s ironic, witty and a prankster at heart. Humor boils under his deadpan gangsta smirk and hard words.”

The Real Sorry Slim Shady

Eminem 'Encore' album cover

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed Eminem’s new album ‘Encore’, claiming the album shows the rapper “often acts levelheaded, analytical, even contrite. At least by his standards.” Farber added, “On ‘Encore,’ he can be maddening, self-involved, repetitive and still prone to blaming others. But in his most inspired moments, Eminem focuses his frustration, not just on the usual critics and celebrities but, at last, on himself.” The entire review at nydailynews.com has since been removed.

‘Best of Both Worlds’ Tour At MSG

David Sprague of The New York Daily News reviewed the “final” ‘Best of Both Worlds’ tour performance at Madison Square Garden on Friday night, which saw R. Kelly’s set cut short before Jay-Z ran out of patience and booted him from the tour. Usher, who was there to watch the show, was pulled onto the stage and performed ‘Confessions’ and ‘Throw Back’ over backing tracks that were hastily downloaded off the internet.