Jay-Z Raps It Up In Choice Style

Mac Randall of The New York Daily News reviewed Jay-Z’s concert at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday (November 25). He writes, “His new CD, ‘The Black Album,’ is one of his best. And at the Garden, he threw a major party for his fans — a career-encompassing, star-studded concert that lasted nearly three hours. Emotions were certainly running high. Just before the show started, a fistfight broke out in the upper stands, ending with one man needing medical treatment and another ejected.”

‘Beg For Mercy’ Review

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In less than a year, 50 Cent has conquered feats that lots of artists fail to achieve throughout their entire career. And as said time and time again: no one person makes it without the help of a great team. With that being said, 50 Cent has been rolling with his Gorilla Unit (G-Unit) since day one. On 50’s first mix-tape, 50 Cent Is The Future, both Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo shared the album cover with 50 and have since then helped G-Unit become a household name. A few mix-tapes and a platinum plaque later, the G-Unit soldiers consisting of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and the incarcerated Tony Yayo have landed with their official debut album, ‘Beg For Mercy’. The full article at ballerstatus.net has since been removed or relocated.

Nelly Ups The Remix Ante With ‘Da Derrty Versions’

Nelly 'Da Derrty Versions - The Reinvention' album cover

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed Nelly’s new album ‘Da Derrty Versions – The Reinvention’. He writes, “Rather than adding frills onto songs the way a new driver hangs fuzzy dice on the rear-view mirror, Nelly is rebuilding his music with more horses, faster tempos and radical customizing of the original vocal rhythms and melodies.”

Jay-Z’s Last Hurrah?

Scott Jones of the Cornell Daily Sun reviewed Jay-Z’s reported final album, ‘The Black Album’, giving it 4 stars. Jones writes, “You want to believe he’s being serious but somehow you know he’s going to bat .200 in the minors, come crawling back to the game he owns, and lock it down for us just a few more times. Or at least, let’s hope so; because while this album is probably one of hip-hop’s highlights of the year, it just doesn’t seem like a swan song fit for the king.” The full review at cornellsun.com has since been removed.

‘The Black Album’: A Musical Documentary Of Jay-Z’s Life

Hartley Goldstein of Popmatters reviewed Jay-Z’s new album, ‘The Black Album’, calling it “a record that is all things to all people.” Goldstein said, “Whether ‘The Black Album’ is truly, as Jay has continuously proclaimed, his final record or not, he has most definitely constructed an inspired musical documentary of his life, as both a business man and an artist, that will last as an inspiration for emcees years in the making. While ‘The Black Album’ does have the overall urgency of closure, it also possesses the celebratory spirit of more great music to come.” Read more.

Jay-Z Goes Out With A Bang

Darryl Sterdan of the Winnipeg Sun reviewed Jay-Z’s new album, ‘The Black Album’, giving it 4 out of 5 stars. Sterdan writes, “Add it all up and it’s clear that with The Black Album, Jay-Z does what every retiring entertainer wishes they could do: He goes out on top and leaves you wanting more.” Read more.

50 Cent’s Latest Falls Short Of Gansta’s Greatest

G-Unit 'Beg For Mercy' album cover

Cory Walsh of Montana Kaimin reviewed the debut G-Unit effort ‘Beg For Mercy’, though focused primarily on the posse’s centerpiece, 50 Cent. Walsh said, “His flow is interesting, and what a slow flow it is. He typically misses the downbeat by a half-syllable or so, creating the feeling that’s he’s either adlibbing or barely remembering the rhymes as he says them. It can sound either like he’s cocky, or forgetful, or both.” Kaimin added, “Music journalists love to fawn over 50 Cent and his supposed wit, but it doesn’t show through at all on the album, which alternates between the pop-friendly and doom-and-gloom songs in which invisible, unnamed haters are threatened with a creative assortment of G-Unit-inflicted deaths, supposing said haters choose to cross the G-Unit.”

Lloyd Banks Upstages 50 Cent On ‘Beg For Mercy’

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed G-Unit’s debut ‘Beg For Mercy’. He writes, “It’s not easy to upstage a superstar. But on the first major-label release from G-Unit, the most exciting flow comes not from the best-known member, but from an emerging one: Lloyd Banks. In his showpieces, Banks pours his rhymes out in a dry monotone, exuding a deadpan cool. His flow has a nearly hypnotic effect, appearing to halt time while the rhythm pulses menacingly along.”

Rap Star’s Story Pac’s A Punch

Jack Mathews of The New York Daily News reviewed ‘Tupac Shakur: Resurrection’, giving it 3 stars. He writes, “In the end, his is less a story of redemption and love than of tragic waste. Shakur had a brilliant mind whose contradictory experiences – growing up in poverty and simultaneously studying dance, theater, literature and art at grant schools in Harlem and Baltimore – made him proud to be both refined and a thug.”

Jay-Z Raps Up With A Winner

Jay-Z 'The Black Album' album cover

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed Jay-Z’s swan song ‘The Black Album’, claiming the rapper “saved the best for last.” Farber says, “The rapper offers an exhilarating combination of epitaph, victory lap and rebuke.” He added, “While the emcee’s last few albums were padded and slack, ‘Black’ features the ruthlessly clear lyrics, authoritative flow and propulsive music of the form’s finest.” The entire review at nydailynews.com has since been removed.