Top Lloyd Banks Search Queries

Top searches for Lloyd Banks on Yahoo!’s pay-per-search engine are in for the month of September, with the G-Unit rapper getting an impressive 644,598 searches for the month. The figure puts Banks at about 25% of searches his G-Unit partner 50 Cent received for the month. His most searched for single was ‘Hands Up’, while searches for the new album ‘Rotten Apple’ were also strong. The most common misspelling was Loyd Banks.

Top 50 Cent Search Queries

The top searches for 50 Cent on pay-per search engine showed the rapper getting over 1 million searches for the month of February. The most searched for song was ‘In Da Club’, while several searches point to his beef with Ja Rule.

Top Cam’ron December Search Queries

Searches for Cam’ron were relatively strong during December on pay-per search engine, though only about 1/4 the level of a 50 Cent or Jay-Z, and about 1/3 of Nas. ‘Hey Ma’ was the rapper’s most searched for song, followed by ‘Oh Boy’. The most common misspelling was Camrom.

50 Cent Is One To Watch On Lycos

Lycos 50 profiled 50 Cent as its one to watch on Friday. They say the rapper “has steadily moved up our search logs since September. Last week he received more searches on Lycos than much better known rappers like Nas, Jay-Z, and DMX.” The full story at has since been removed.

Top 50 Cent Searches In November

Searches for 50 Cent were pretty strong in the month of November on pay-per search engine The Shady Records signee got 125,664 searches for the month, while his most popular hit is ‘Wanksta’. References to his beef with Ja Rule also litter the top searches. The rapper’s real name, Curtis Jackson, only received 313 searches.

Top Erick Sermon Search Queries In November

Searches for Erick Sermon on pay-per search engine were pretty light in November, but the numbers are a bit deceiving. The rapper received 6,159 searches for the correctly spelled ‘Erick Sermon’, but actually had more searches for ‘Eric Sermon’ — 6,899 searches. His most searched for song was ‘React’.

Top Jurassic 5 Search Queries

Searches for Jurassic 5 last month on pay-per search engine were fairly weak, with the group getting only 12,770 searches during September. The most searched for group member of the six was Cut Chemist.

Searchers Indicate Bubba Sparxxx’s Career Is Dead

If searches on pay-per search engine are any indication, you may want to stick a fork in Bubba Sparxxx’s career. The rapper only got 2,472 searches during the month of September. To put that into context, MC Hammer got 11,174! Vanilla Ice got 15,820! Despite jokes about Sisqo, even he got 23,612. But for whatever reason, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake tabbed him to collaborate a track on his debut solo album — maybe that will help.

Eminem And Nelly Maintain On Lycos 50

The new Lycos 50 is out today and it sees Britney Spears rise a spot to #7, maintaining her dominance as the most searched for human. Others on the list include Eminem rising 5 to #19, Avril Lavigne dropping 3 to #23, Nelly jumping 4 to #25, Jennifer Lopez rising a notch to #37, Shakira up 3 to #40, and Tupac Shakur up 5 to #42. ‘American Idol’ dropped out of the top 50. The complete list at has since been removed.

Top DMX August Search Queries

Searches for DMX on pay-per search engine were strong in August, but just over 1/3 of the interest drawn by top rapper and fierce rival Ja Rule and 1/10 of kingpin Eminem. DMX garnered 92,522 searches for the month, and many of the searches focused on his developing beef with Ja. ‘Party Up’ was DMX’s most popular song search, while ‘The Great Depression’ was his most searched for album.