2pac Remains Relevant on the Web

Despite his not so recent death, Tupac Shakur has remained a hot search on the internet, no doubt helped by the mysterious nature of the murder. For the month of September on seach engine Overture.com, searches for ‘2pac’ eclipsed 61,000 while Tupac and Tupac Shakur got around 66,000 more. Layered in the usual lyric and MP3 searches are searches for death related speculation and the infamous autopsy photo.

Top Petey Pablo Search Queries

Overture.com has their list of the top Petey Pablo related search queries for the month of September posted, and the rapper continues to show momentum in internet interest getting 10,405 searches for the month. ‘Petey Pablo lyric’ got nearly 2,000 searches while several had a hard time with the rapper’s first and last name. As for his real name, Moses Barrett, once again a rapper’s real name goes virtually unrecognized failing to even get the 25 search minimum for listing.

Top Bubba Sparxxx Searches

Overture.com has its list of top Bubba Sparxxx related searches for the month of September posted, and before his album hit the rapper got a respectable 11,792 searches for the month, even more if you combine the several misspellings of his misspelled last stage name, ‘Sparxxx’. As for his real name, Warren Anderson Mathis, nobody seemed to have seached for that.

Top Fabolous Related Search Queries

Overture.com has their top Fabolous related search terms up for the month of September posted. The rapper received 14,670 searches for the month no doubt helped by the release of his new album, Ghetto Fabolous, receiving 1797 searches on its own right… Of course the numbers are higher if you count the correctly spelled word Fabulous. As for the rapper’s real name, John Jackson, that only received 181 searches and considering it’s a common name, those searching specifically for the artist were likely much lower.

Top Trick Daddy Search Queries

Overture.com has its top Trick Daddy related searches for the month of September posted, and ‘Trick Daddy’ [combines the one word search ‘TrickDaddy’ as well] received a respectable 14,830 searches. Interesting to note though, the rapper’s real name, Maurice Young, failed to even generate the minimum 25 searches, so his personal identity hasn’t well been established yet apparently.

Top Ja Rule Search Queries

Goto.com has put up their August search results for Ja Rule related queries, with ‘Ja Rule’ getting 66,786 searches for the month. Jennifer Lopez figured prominently for searches related to the rapper following the success of the ‘I’m Real’ remix in which he’s featured. Interesting to note, Ja Rule’s real name, Jeff Atkins, was only searched for 86 times during the month.

Top Rap Search Queries

The top 100 ‘Rap’ search queries on Goto.com for the month of August were published and ‘rap lyric’ was the top term with 66,735 searches, with ‘rap music’ and ‘rap’ being #2 and #3 respectively. Perhaps a hopeful sign from the industry where only 17,123 searched for ‘pop music’ and 26,451 searched for ‘rock music’.

D12 August Search Queries

The August search results on Goto.com for D12 are in and the band got a respectable 51,592 searches for the month, while frontman Eminem got 163,761 searches on his own right. What’s interesting is searches for band members who don’t have ‘universal’ names like ‘Proof’ or ‘Bizarre’ so absolutely no search traffic. Kon Arist and Kuniva show no searches, making me wonder, do any individual members of the group even have a public identity? And yeah, the same non results apply to the group’s real names and aliases…. Except Eminem of course.

Top Jay-Z Searches In August

The August results of searches on Goto.com for Jay-Z related terms are in and ‘Jay Z’ (‘JayZ’ and ‘Jay-Z’ combined) got 35,060 searches. Not many must be away of the rapper’s first name as ‘Shawn Carter’ was only searched for 122 times. #2 on the list was ‘Jay Z lyric’ with 7,330 searches.

Top Puffy P. Diddy Puff Daddy Sean Combs Search Terms

Ok, I tried breaking down all of the Puffy Combs top search terms on Goto.com, soon to be Overture.com, during the month of August and given all his names, it wasn’t easy. Actually if you combine all of the Puffy related search terms, he’s more popular than his lowly ranked album would indicate. The most popular way to refer to Combs is as ‘Puff Daddy’ which received 15,979 searches in August. ‘P Diddy’ & ‘PDiddy’ combined for about 10,200 while Puffy got 4818. His real name, ‘Sean Combs’ got 850 searches.