Near Even Split On Missy’s Source Of Weight Loss

Our previous poll asking if you think Missy Elliott only lost her weight by diet and exercise had a near even split in response. 49.8% said yes, while 50.2% said no, with 1239 total votes. Our latest poll goes after the most hated man in hip hop, who isn’t even in hip hop, Bill O’Reilly. Do you think his attacks on Jay-Z, Ludacris, and other artists who got endorsement deals motivated by racism?

Fans Weigh In On ‘8 Mile’ Opening

Our latest survey asking how much do you think ‘8 Mile’ will make in its opening weekend had 20% of you say over $75 million, which led the pack. The actual figure was $54.5 million, which 13.6% had guessed the range of ($50-$75 million). Our latest poll asks if you believe Missy Elliott lost 70+ pounds only through diet and exercise, as she has claimed.

Fans Split On Eminem’s VMA Rant

Our previous poll asking what you thought of Eminem at the Video Music Awards had a pretty even split. 40.95% said he sounded like a whiney Moby bullying bitch, while 40.21% said he’s just standing up for what he believes. 18.85% asked, “Who lip-syncs a rap?” We keep it Eminem for the new poll, asking fans how you think ‘8 Mile’ will open.

DMX Lookin’ Victorious Over Ja Rule

Well we still haven’t heard DMX’s diss of Ja Rule, but so far most of you think he’s gonna come out looking like the victor in his beef with the Murder Inc. star. 61.6% of you said X is gonna Ja Rule, while only 11.3% said X is all bark and no bite, Ja Rule’s gonna kick it. 14.3% say it’s all publicity, while 12.9% hope the two keep it on wax.

Our latest poll focuses on the Eminem dust-up with Moby and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, hardly a beef that’s gonna bring Slim any street cred. What do you think about it?

Maybe Lil’ Bow Wow Does Have An NBA Shot

Our last poll asking if you thought Bow Wow has a shot at an NBA career had most of you either say anything is possible (38.1%) or some team might sign him just to fill seats (21.6%), though the most responded choice was that Bow Wow was livin’ in a fantasy land (40.3%).

Our latest poll asks you to weigh in on this exploding Ja Rule beef with DMX.

Most Of You Think Slim Will Sell 1 Million

Our latest poll asking if you thought Eminem had the a chance to sell 1 million copies of ‘The Eminem Show’ in it’s first week had most of you saying yes. 13.15% think his time has past, while 10.87% said it depended on if it got leaked – it did. Some 8.4% said they wanted to hear the first track first (they have by now with ‘Without Me’), while 5.7% thought Em has run out of gimmicks. With the album dropping on a Sunday – the first week will only include one day (unless they include Memorial Day Monday sales?)… So it ain’t gonna happen in the traditional sense.

Purple Pills Wins Top Rap Song Honor For 2001

Our previous poll asking ‘What was the top rap song of 2001?’ saw D12 ‘Purple Pills’ take the prize, with the Fabolous hit ‘Can’t Deny It’ coming in a distant second. Our latest poll asks what you think the vital cog in the D12 hit will fair in 2002 with his latest effort to soon be released, ‘The Eminem Show’.

Jay-Z Tops Spin Top 40

Despite being a primarily rock publication, Spin magazine has placed Jay-Z in the number one spot of their April top 40 artist issue. While Radiohead followed, Eminem was in the #3 spot, OutKast at #6, Missy Elliott at #14, Dr. Dre at #18, DMX at #24, Eve at #30, and Definitive Jux at #39. Spin said of Jay-Z, “Remarkably, rap’s best MC may be its most popular.”

Rappers Listed In Spins 50 Greatest Bands List

Spin magazine’s February issue has what they deem the 50 greatest bands of all time. While mostly rock acts, the list includes Public Enemy at #8, the Beastie Boys at #10, Run-D.M.C. at #14, N.W.A. at #23, and the newest of the list, OutKast at #44. The magazine listed the Beatles at #1.

Eminem Barely Nabs Top Male Rapper Nod

In our just completed poll asking ‘Who’s the most talented of today’s current (living) male rappers?’ Eminem barely beat out Jay-Z by less than 2% of the vote. In our latest poll, we ask what was the top rap song of 2001… Unfortunately there’s only 12 possible selections. Vote to your right.