Young Gunz’s Neef Offers Hip Hop 101 Curriculum

Young Gunz

Hip Online caught up with Neef of Young Gunz for a Q&A and asked which artists he would suggest kids need to check out in order to get some hip-hop education. “Jay-Z of course, but Tupac, Biggie, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, Kool G. Rap,” Neef responded. “I’m originally from Philly and I grew up on Schoolly D. He shot that ‘Parkside 5-2’ video on my block. I grew up listening and watching him. He was the first gangster rapper; before N.W.A.” Check out the entire transcript here.

J-Kwon Calls Out Beat Stealing Omarion On TRL


J-Kwon stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday (March 31) to talk about his smash hit ‘Tipsy’ and his just-released album ‘Hood Hop’. He also weighed in on the developing beef between himself and former B2K star Omarion — who J-Kwon says stole his beat for his new solo single. He says, “He should have called me before he put it on the radio.” Read on for a transcript.

Nardwuar Vs. Snoop Dogg

Chart magazine’s Nardwuar caught up with Snoop Dogg for a Q&A and asked the rapper, since he was in Canada, if he was a fan of hockey. “Umm, I don’t really understand hockey,” Snoop admitted. “I like the physical side of it as far as the fighting. But as far as me knowing, I don’t know the game yet.” Watch the interview here.

Kelis Is Loving The Flack

Quibian Salazar-Moreno of The Africana did a Q&A with Kelis and asked the singer what she thought about the Diplomats and 50 Cent clowning her. “I think it’s fabulous, I love it. I want more,” she said. “Oh yeah, if I was a rapper, I would totally instigate the situation. Actually I did instigate the situation on my ‘Milkshake’ remix. I think it’s great. The fact that they’re so concerned with me is fabulous, considering that I’m totally unconcerned with them, so I love the attention. And beyond that, it’s free promotion that Arista and I don’t have to pay for. So they should talk on.” Read more.

Q&A With Lloyd Banks

Quibian Salazar-Moreno of recently caught up with G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks for a Q&A and asked the rapper about how he hooked up with 50 Cent, what’s up with Tony Yayo, the bootlegging of ‘Beg For Mercy’, and the ongoing beef the G-Unit crew, most notably 50 Cent, have been having with The Inc. Check out the transcript here.

Ja Rule Defends Hip Hop On Scarborough Country

Ja Rule appeared on Scarborough Country on Wednesday (December 17) to defend hip hop after director Spike Lee was quoted as saying the music was bad for black kids. Ja also talked with conservative host Joe Scarborough about his support for the U.S. troops and his participation in the USO Tour. Read on for a transcript.

Missy Elliott A Later Arriver To AMAs, But Still A Winner

Missy Elliott won Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Female Artist at Sunday night’s American Music Awards, but arrived late prompting Nick Cannon and Bow Wow to accept the award on her behalf. After a commercial break, Missy magically showed up, and host Jimmy Kimmel had a conversation with the rapper about what happened. Read on for a transcript.

Jay-Z Promotes ‘The Black Album’ On ‘TRL’

Jay-Z stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to promote his new album ‘The Black Album’, which dropped on Friday. Jay talked about why this is his last effort, his new video ‘Change Clothes’ — which he promised won’t be his last video at least, and more. Check out a rough transcript by reading on.

Masta Ace Gives Props To KRS-1

DJ Pick One of The Elements caught up with Masta Ace for a Q&A session and asked the rapper what he would you say embodies the true defintion of an emcee right now. “I would say KRS-1, regardless of whether cats have liked his recent music offerings or not, the fact remains that lyrically, he has always embodied the term MC,” he responded. “From records to stage show, to battling he has done each at an incredible level in his career. The closest cat to him would be LL Cool J… and Busta Rhymes… although until recently I had never heard Busta drop a battle verse. He killed it.” Read more.