Eminem Was Hospitalized For Pneumonia Complications

TMZ hears that Eminem was taken to a Detroit area hospital over the holidays, reportedly suffering from a serious heart condition and severe pneumonia. In addition, the gossip site hears that Slim’s weight has ballooned to a not so slim 200 lbs. for the 5’8″ rapper. “Over the holidays, Marshall Mathers, pka Eminem, was under doctor’s care at a Detroit-area hospital for complications due to pneumonia,” a publicist for the star revealed. “He has since been released and is doing well recovering at home.”

Prodigy Labels Nas A Turncoat

In an interview with RealTalkNY.net, Prodigy sounded off on fellow Queensbridge rapper Nas. Asked about Nas’ new album ‘Ni**er’, Prodigy responded, “I don’t even like talking about that ni**ger now. I don’t even like ni**a man. He’s a turncoat ni**a. He’ll switch sides on you, so I don’t even fu** with Nas, so he can call his album whatever he wants. That sh** is completely irrelevant to me. We on a whole ‘notha page over here.”

As for what prompted the bad blood, Prodigy said, “I just said it, he’s a sucka as ni**a, and he do sucka sh**.” Prodigy is set to release ‘H.N.I.C. Part 2’ through Voxonic Music in March. YouTube has since removed the video.

Kanye West Elusive During 40/40 Opening In Vegas

The New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy report that during the opening of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Las Vegas the other night, Kanye West missed the red carpet and had his bodyguard delete one photo a snapper managed to get of the rapper entering. Kanye later had his posse barricade the bathroom, allowing West to relieve himself in private. While doing his business, a fan still inside the restroom when the doors were sealed bonded with Kanye over both being from Chicago.

Soldier Boy’s ‘Soulja Boy Diss’ Audio

Veteran Milwaukee, Wisconsin rapper Soldier Boy is out with a track dissing Soulja Boy. The track includes the lyrics: “You think you’re Superman, huh, well I’m the kryptonite. The real soldier on the mic and I ain’t takin’ no sh** tonight. I’m from Milwaukee where them killers reside, I got the name Soldier Boy from all the sh** I survived. Since 95 I’ve been spittin and shi**in on competition. Most of you rappers need to stop rappin and start listenin. You’s a gimmick, a YouTube killer, an internet thug, talkin about drama knowin you never been through that cuz.” The track has since been removed from YouTube.

Jay-Z Opens 40/40 Club In Las Vegas

The New York Post reports that during Jay-Z’s latest 40/40 club launch in Las Vegas on Sunday night (December 30), the former Def Jam boss partied with Mary J. Blige and Alan Thicke, as well as NBA star LeBron James. “They brought out a big cake for LeBron and did a video tribute,” a partygoer tells Page Six. “Then they brought out an even bigger cake, and a hot blonde popped out. Beyonce was there, but she hid out in the skybox all night.”

Ups And Downs Of Jay-Z’s Def Jam Tenure Chronicled

With Jay-Z stepping down as president of Def Jam ending a nearly four year run, RealTalkNY.net chronicled some of their past comments and verses from LL Cool J, Joe Budden, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, and others questioning Jay’s performance. But on the positive side, Fabolous came through with two gold albums, Ludacris pulled multiplatinum on a pair of discs, plus Jay lured in Nas and Jadakiss, while Rihanna was a sales coup in ’07 thanks to ‘Umbrella’ and Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ had the biggest week of the year. YouTube has since removed the video.

Yung Joc Wants To Clear His Name On Gun Charges

When Yung Joc was arrested Sunday at a Cleveland Hopkins International Airport security checkpoint after police found a semiautomatic handgun and ammunition in his carry-on bag, the rapper told police he didn’t know the gun was there. Now, the 27-year-old has issued a statement on the matter. “I have the utmost respect for the laws of this country and would never deliberately commit an act that would jeopardize my freedom, my family, or my career,” he said, according to The Associated Press. Yung Joc is out on $50,000 bond and is due back in court January 25th on the felony charge that carries up to 18 months in jail.

Pimp C Tribute & Birthday Celebration On Saturday

UGK’s Bun B and Pimp C’s mother Weslyn ‘Mama West’ Monroe are hosting The Official Pimp C Tribute & Birthday Celebration on Saturday (December 29) at The Venetian in Houston, Texas. The event features surprise performances and admission is free until 10 PM.

Bow Wow Talks Respect

Bow Wow is a fill-in host for the vacationing Joy Daily on RealTalkNY Live, where the rapper talked about why he feels he deserves respect. “I’m in a comfortable position,” Bow Wow said. “For me to say ‘Face Off’ came in as the number one rap album in the country means a lot to me. I’m cool. I’ve got my fan base. I’m able to go on tour this summer and sell out every arena across the country. Two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden because of my fans. That lets you know I’m a legend in my own right to them – the younger generation. And I’m cool with that space. I think you have to respect that. Being that I know my demographic, and when I make my music, I make it for the ladies because I know 95% of my fan base is females and that’s what I’m gonna win at. You just look at my career, every time I drop an album, all my records are for the ladies. One person I admire is LL Cool J, which is like my mentor. He’s been able to get the respect for what he does even though his audience is for the ladies, but he can still hit you with something crazy.” YouTube has since removed the video.

Bow Wow & Omarion Explain The Toure Incident

RealTalkNY.net caught up with Bow Wow and former B2K star Omarion to explain the Toure incident. “It was real,” Bow Wow said. “It was supposed to be a spoof interview, kind of like a ‘Punk’d’ situation. But we were not informed by the label that it was going to be a spoof interview. So just like anybody else would do if you sitting in a room and they was wilding out or they was saying stuff you felt wasn’t appropriate or not right, then you’re gonna act out on it, and that basically was what I did.” Bow Wow added, “I actually saw Toure at the ‘I Am Legend’ movie premiere, told him what’s up and apologized to him. We both apologized to each other because he didn’t know I didn’t know that it was a fake interview and I was being real about it. That was the pit bull terrier coming out of me. I’m sorry my fans had to see that.” YouTube has since removed the video.