50 Cent Tour Run Into Pay Restroom In Germany

50 Cent’s G-Unit crew, including Tony Yayo, weren’t happy while taking a rest stop on their tour bus in Germany, only to find out that using the restroom would cost them .50 Euro ($1). When they tried to hop the turnstyle, the attendant threatened to call the cops. Watch webisode four below the fold.

DMX Signs On To Bodog Music

Bodog Music announced in a press release that DMX has joined its roster of recording artists after the rapper was released from Sony Music earlier this year. “I’m thankful for the fact that Bodog believes in me, that we share the same vision and the fact that they see in me the same thing I see,” the rapper said. “I’ll show you [Bodog Music] how it’s supposed to be done, and we’ll get to where we’re supposed to be. You got a dog for life.” X is currently working on his new album ‘Walk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later’.

Chamillionaire ‘Won’t Let You Down’ Texas Version Sneek Peak

Chamillionaire’s Chamillitary Entertainment artist Famous checked in with a video clip from the studio, playing a clip of the extended Texas version of ‘Won’t Let You Down’, featuring Lil Flip, Paul Wall and the late Pimp C, amongst others. This is an exclusive sneek preview of the 15-minute version that will be released on New Year’s Eve on Chamillionaire.com. YouTube has since removed the video.

911 Dispatcher Analyzes Donda West 911 Call

Precious time was lost in the chaos involving the Donda West 911 call last month. What can people do if they are faced with a similar crisis? ‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with a 911 dispatcher about how the time lost in treating Kanye West’s mother is common, and his advice that everyone should learn CPR to be more familiar with the procedure even if you only perform it once in your life. Video at accesshollywood.com has since been removed.

Styles P Teaming Up With Jim Jones On New Album

In an interview with RealTalkNY.net, Styles P confirmed plans for an album with Jim Jones, his current relationship with J-Hood and 50 Cent. After saying some good things about J-Hood, the questioner clarified he wasn’t talking about Jay-Z, prompting Styles to say, “Oh fu** J-Hood. Pardon me, I heard you wrong. Fu** Hood. We ain’t got no relationship, bitch ass ni**a.” As for 50 Cent, “I ain’t got no beef with him. I want him to show me how to get some of that fu**ing money!” The video has since been removed from YouTube.

DMX Behaving Strangely In The Studio

DJGQ.com footage of DMX throwing down some rhymes in the studio, after a lengthy growl, has been posted online. Afterwards, X, sporting a splint on his little finger, continued some bizarre behavior, sweating, talking about visiting Kingston, Jamaica and how “you must always look for the good.” The pair of clips at YouTube have since been removed.

Papoose Gets Sucker Punched On Film… Uncle Murda Tied In?

RealTalkNYTV’s ‘The Papoose Show’ features the Brooklyn rapper getting sucker punched the other night, with the clip’s creator giving the 28-year-old a tough time for grabbing a pole nearby to keep from falling down. The video treatment prompted one YouTube commenter to write, “This was clearly retaliation for the Uncle Murda snuff situation.. The goons set-up or knew were Pap was gonna be interviewing, and ambushed’em!.. It’s no coincidence how Uncle murda just put out a YouTube vid talking sh** around the same time this video surfaced.. Also, Murda is the only one who refers to Pap as the ‘Geiko lizard’ and who ever edited this sh** had that all over it.. This is just some lame attempt to discredit Paps rep.” The fight clip and the Murda clip referenced in the message have since been removed from YouTube.

Toure’s Omarion Jokes Set Bow Wow Off

Toure caught up with Bow Wow and former B2K star Omarion to discuss their new album ‘Face Off’. Toure was giving the pair a hard time in the goofy clip, suggesting Omari was taking Chris Brown’s moves and asking about “his” ‘Naked’ video, which was a Marques Houston clip. This caused Bow Wow to unleash on the journalist. In a second clip, Bow Wow fumes over never getting a #1 video on ‘Total Request Live’, hoping to end that streak with ‘Face Off’. While Bow Wow raged, Omari said, “I ain’t gonna scream it. I ain’t gonna tell them I’m the best. But, I feel like I’m good, I feel like I’m good at what I do.” Bow Wow promises, “We’re gonna make them respect us.” The pair of clips at YouTube have since been removed.

C-Murder’s Pimp C Tribute ‘Take Your Time’ Free MP3

New Orleans rapper C-Murder is out with a tribute to the late UGK rapper Pimp C entitled ‘Take Your Time’. C-Murder is currently under house arrest awaiting retrial on a murder charge stemming from the 2002 shooting of Steven Thomas. Listen to and download ‘Take Your Time’ at his MySpace page, myspace.com/cmurder.

Snoop Dogg Visits ‘Good Day LA’

Snoop Dogg has a new show on the E! Channel called ‘Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood’ which airs at 10:30pm on Sundays. The veteran rapper visited ‘Good Day LA’ on Friday (December 14) to promote the project. Snoop said the show is opening her daughter up and putting it out there is something more for his fans than himself. “This gives them a chance to really see me, without the media bringing it the way they want to bring it,” Snoop explained. “This is the real deal. It’s uncut, it’s reality TV. So you get to see me the way I am at all times.” The segment, and a web extra interview at myfoxla.com has since been removed.