Princess Superstar Quits Her Day Job

Amelia Abreu of the Dallas Observer spoke with Princess Superstar, who’s found enough success to devote all of her time to music. “I finally quit my day job,” she says. “I was running the label, and I was working for someone, updating a Web site. But really, I’ve done everything. From working retail, selling glass ornaments, to baby-sitting, to waiting tables.”

Nelly Lands Deal With Motorola

Nelly will be teaming up with Motorola. The Nelly cell phone is scheduled to hit stores on June 15th and the phone will feature games, customized Nelly ringtones and the option to have the St. Lunatics front man handle your voicemail. Reports say the Motorola phone will most likely operate through the Sprint network.

Ru Report Chimes In On Jay-Z, Puffy

The Ru Report put out a new column Thursday with items on Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, The Swollen Members, and Jay-Z. Karu questioned the decision by Jay-Z to take part in their collaboration especially considering his cohort Damien Dash was romantically linked to Aaliyah at the time of her death.

Cee-Lo’s Social Consciousness A Moral Obligation

Cee-Lo will be on this weekend’s Soul Train and the show’s website features a backstage interview with the rapper. Of his his social conscience lyrics, he explained, “I believe the social consciousness implicated in my music is different because it is just that. It is an option and an alternative, as opposed to music that chooses not to address or convey a message of any sort. It’s just about mainly entertainment, which is appropriate for the business that we’re in, but I have to obey my moral obligation, so to speak, as far as my music is concerned. You know, [I] have a different callin, I guess.” The video and the transcript have since been removed from

78 Year-Old Geneva Burger Sues Master P

City News Service reports a grandmother made an unwitting 15-word contribution to a rap song and has sued Master P saying her privacy was invaded. Her voice is heard as the introduction to the song ‘No Limit,’ on artist Magic’s 1998 record Skys the Limit.The record was produced by Master P. The song is about marijuana use where Burger is quoted, “When people get hooked on pot, can they get sick if they don’t get it?”

Fabolous Headlines Virginia Hip Hop Festival

Fabolous is headlining the fifth annual College Hip-Hop Fest on Saturday at Paramount’s Kings Dominion amusement park in Doswell, Virginia. BET on-air personalities Cathy Mae and Joe Clair will host the event, and a portion of the proceeds from the festival will benefit Rap-It-Up, BET’s national campaign addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic’s impact on the African-American community. Others on the bill include Mobb Deep, Ruff Endz, Cee-Lo, Rare Essence, and Rickush Mojo.

Def Jam Cancels ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ Promotions

Worldpop reports Def Jam have cancelled all promotions surrounding the R. Kelly and Jay Z collaboration ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ – the reason being they want to prevent any of Def Jam’s top artists suffering from being associated with Kelly’s sex scandal. Def Jam president Kevin Lyles in a recent issue of Time magazine, “We don’t want any negative associations that might come with a video, any accusations or anything.”

Puffy Steals The Show At Urban AID 2

Tom Pryor of was at last night’s Urban AID 2 concert in New York, which was held at the historic Beacon Theatre. Pryor writes of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ performance, “When it came to sheer theatrics P. Diddy stole the show. With a set that boasted video montages, balloons, cheerleaders, walk-ons from Busta Rhymes and Mr. Cheeks, and a giant scrim of Notorious B.I.G., Puffy’s full-bore bombast was a welcome relief from the evening’s stop-and-start nature.”

JD Weighs In On R. Kelly Sex Tape Scandal

Sonia Murray of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri about the turmoil his friend R. Kelly is in after tapes of what appears to be Kelly having sex with an underaged female surfaced. Dupri hasn’t spoken to Kelly since the investigation began, but said, “I can’t say or think nothing about that man until he goes to court.” Dupri urged Kelly to tell his side of the story saying, “He’s digging a big hole for himself. Everybody knows there isn’t a one-sided coin in America. He doesn’t need to be running and hiding. We need to hear his side of the story. The tape doesn’t tell it all. It just shows it all. And none of these people out here really know what ‘it’ is — yet.”

Princess Superstar Says Eminem Comparisons Are Lazy

Jessica Suarez of the Arizona Daily Wildcat spoke with Princess Superstar about the comparisons she receives to Eminem, where she’s often dubbed ‘Feminem’. The rapper said, “I think he’s a great lyricist, but I think what I do is a lot different from what he does. I add elements of electronica punk rock to my music. This is already my fourth album. I play instruments and produce and sing. I’m more than just an MC. I think it’s a real lazy comparison. I think it comes off of people hearing just one song like ‘Babysitter,’ or something like that. But at the end of the day, he is a great lyricist, so it’s also a compliment.”