New Pet Shop Boys Track Implies Eminem Is Gay

Mike Bell of the Calgary Sun spoke to Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys about his bandmate Neil Tennant’s song of a first-person account of meeting Eminem backstage, being charmed by him, and becoming “secret lovers.” Bell said after being asked if there was any truth to the tune called ‘The Night I Fell In Love’, “Oh, no, if only. That would be great if that was a true story. But it’s pure fantasy.”

Mystikal Talks With Sister 2 Sister

Mystikal chatted with Sister 2 Sister magazine about how his life has changed, his time in Desert Storm, his raunchy videos, and how his momma kept him in line in a series of video clips. has since removed the video.

Syndicated Editorial Writer Slams Rap Music

Syndicated editorial writer Leonard Pitts Jr. sounded off on rap music in his latest column, blasting it as being “so anti-black, it’s worthy of KKK.” Pitts writes, “A culture that proclaims itself authentically black when the truth is, it could not be more anti-black if it were made by the Ku Klux Klan. Indeed, every other lyric on my son’s CDs was the so-called ‘N-word,’ a lamentable self-definition from those who think they’ve defanged the term because they spell it with an ‘a’ on the end.”

Youth Movement Turns Big Rappers To Lil’ Rappers

Kelley L. Carter of the Detroit Free Press profiled the recent move in hip hop from the many rappers using ‘Big’ in their monikers to now using ‘Lil’. George Martinez, a leading hip-hop activist in New York said, “It’s a youth movement. The market is dominated by 13- to 18-year-olds. They’re buying the records, the advertising and the material.” has since removed the article. Of course with Bow Wow’s recent decision to drop the ‘Lil’, maybe this trend will be switching again.

Eminem Settles Lawsuit Against John Guerra

The Macomb Daily reports John Guerra’s lawsuit against Eminem was settled. Guerra, the man who Eminem assaulted with a gun after he kissed then wife Kim Mathers, will come away with $100,000 less legal fees for his ordeal. Slim’s lawyer Peter Peacock said, “I’m sure he’s pleased that the litigation is over with, the same way anyone is, I suppose, who has to go through litigation when it’s finally over.”

Busta Rhymes On BET’s 106 & Park

Contributed Anonymously:

Busta Rhymes is going to be on a pre-recorded 106 & Park, tonight at 6pm. Be sure to watch all of the appearance because he trips and falls pretty bad, but it’s hilarious. Lets hope they don’t edit! Because I was there at the studio and it was funny.

Puffy Hits Suite 16’s One Year ‘Hot’ Party

The New York Post reports Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs was among the guests at Suite 16’s party last week to celebrate the club’s having stayed “hot” for a whole year. Other guests included Jason Biggs, Alicia Silverstone, Devon Aoki, and Tara Reid.

Fat Joe Appearing On Last Call Tonight

Be sure to tune in to NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly at 1:30 am tonight to catch Carson’s guest, Fat Joe. He’ll be performing ‘What’s Luv’ so perhaps Ashanti will also stop by?

What Happened To Rappers Dancing?

Jon Caramanica of is sounding off on the virtual non-existence of rappers dancing these days and beats that have slowed to a crawl. Caramanica said, “The only real dancing going on these days is the cute little Harlem Shake, done solely by kids too young to care about whether they’re hard, complicated, both or neither. Cam’ron, Fat Joe, Styles, and the rest of the hardcore: The challenge is on. Keep it gully, but add a little shake to it.”

TV’s Judge Joe Brown Names Eminem Favorite Rapper

Vibe spoke to several TV judges for a May issue article and asked Judge Joe Brown who his favorite rapper was. Brown said, “Eminem. He’s entertaining, and he has a social message. I’d go see him live, but when you’re a judge, people expect you to be straight-laced. I couldn’t just go sit in the same row with someone smoking grass – unless I went incognito.”