Chamillionaire Airing Chamillitary Entertainment’s Dirty Laundry

posted some communication between his former Chamillitary Entertainment rapper Yung Ro and Koopa, with Ro talking about some of the politics and problems with Cham ignoring his artists in favor of his own material. According to the posted messages, Ro said:

You’re missing the whole point, look at the history, Cham doesn’t let other people drop sh**, still ain’t let Fame drop anything, Fame released a mixtape the same time Cham dropped MM3, but you didn’t see Cham promote sh**. What did Cham do for Rasaq, nothing, he just kept getting money for himself, that’s why Rasaq left to start his own label cause he couldn’t do sh** with Cham. And 50/50 knew this and that’s why he never signed… and there’s nothing wrong with Cham trying to get all the money he can for himself, but if you’re gonna have a label and sign people then fu**ing support the people you sign you know… You wanna be all about yourself and tour with just yourself as the only act, not letting Rasaq/Fame do any songs, not inviting Ro, Tony Henry’s making his own CD’s and own photoshoots for it and selling them on his MySpace, Cham ain’t helping him, you just want to drop your mixtapes and albums and nothing else from anybody… again that’s all fine and dandy, but then what’s the point of having a label and signing people… might as well just be solo right? That’s essentially what he is, and appears will always be… Cham is at least part if not most of the problem… HISTORY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF cause like I’ve said eventually its gotta stop being blamed on everyone else from labels to people, and its gotta be THE COMMON DENOMINATOR.

The full communication at has since been removed.

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