Chamillionaire Speaks Out On Bill O’Reilly & Fox News

Chamillionaire 'Venom'

Nick Huff spoke with to talk with the Houston rapper about the state of hip hop, his thoughts on Drake, collaborating with Asher Roth, his last album ‘Ultimate Victory’, keeping fans and his label happy, and Bill O’Reilly. On ‘The Factor’ host, Chamillionaire said, “I don’t get him, man, but I think there’s a method to his madness and the crazy stuff that he says on Fox News, they always say a lot of crazy stuff… But at that time [when ‘Hip Hop Police/Evening News’ came out], I felt it was only right, man. The timing for someone to come up and speak on a lot of that crazy stuff that was going on. And now we on to something different. Everyone knows the economy is messed up and instead of beating it in people’s heads and making them feel sad, I think it’s time to uplift and make people feel a little bit better about their situations.”

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