Chamillionaire Speaks Out On Foreclosed Home And More

After rumors of being confronted by TMZ about foreclosing on his mansion, responds to the situation in a live broadcast to his fans on June 9th. “I owed more on the house than what the house was worth,” Cham said. “As the market crashed, we all have to deal with it. Economic times like this. The market crashes and a house that originally used to be worth a lot of money is not worth that no more. So I’m basically pouring money into an investment that’s not worth the money that I’m paying for.” He added that on May 14th his son was born, so that played a major impact on how he views his finances. The Houston rapper also talked about how his mother having cancer has impacted him, the reason why ‘Venom’ is being delayed over Pimp C song, the issue surrounding his May 14th concert in Denver at Casselman’s, and details about the ‘Major Main 1.5’ mixtape release. Watch some of the multi-part broadcast via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Chamillionaire Speaks Out On Foreclosed Home And More

  1. DMX says:

    Translation: I’m poor as hell and I’m trying to save face.

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