Chamillionaire Takes On His Web Critics

Chamillionaire 'Venom'

took on some internet nerds in an interview with, including one saying that Martin Luther King “is rolling in his grave when morons like this end up representing his struggle” in reaction to an article on him being named Co-Grand Marshall of the ’09 MLK Day Parade in Houston. “That was a very ignorant post, man,” Cham responded. “Like, c’mon man, this is Martin Luther King’s day. I’m an African-American entrepreneur… [And] at a time when Barack Obama is the leader of the free world, for them to try to bring in young people into the MLK parade… I’ma be in the parade with my candy cars on 26’s and city officials inside the cars. And a lot of young people are gonna come out to the parade because I’m there. This is not about me, it’s about making people understand how historic this day is. Like, c’mon man, only a moron would post something like that.” The full story at has since been removed.

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