Chamillionaire Visits 97.9 The Box, Samples ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’

Chamillionaire visits 97.9 is out with a sampler for his ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’ release. The video clip at his YouTube channel also features the rapper dropping by the Madd Hatta Morning Show 97.9 The Box in Houston, where the DJ requested Cham to keep making the hits.

Chamillionaire posted a second clip with additional footage from the 97.9 appearance, including a freestyle and an in-studio performance of his new release ‘Creepin Solo’, featuring Ludacris. Watch them both below.

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One thought on “Chamillionaire Visits 97.9 The Box, Samples ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’

  1. BHOfolife says:

    What that sh** he sayin backwards over that CHOPS beat? I want to hear it for real! When this out on CD or do I gotta download it?

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