Chantelle Paige Checks In From Flipsyde’s German Tour

Chantelle Paige of checked in with fans on the hip hop group’s blog at MySpace (@flipsyde) on Saturday (March 7) while on tour in Germany. She writes:

As most of you already know, Flipsyde is on tour in Germany! It’s my first time in Europe so the guys are all showing me all the ropes. Germany is BEAUTIFUL and I’m experiencing a different culture and LOVING IT! I’m even learning some German ;). The only down side is it’s freezing :/ that’s the only part I’m not liking (besides all the sausage and pork)! My friends are all back home lying out on the beach and it’s snowing here next week!

We are doing our thing over here on the Sexy As Hell Tour with Sarah Connor ( and winning over hearts one German at a time! Dave is rocking it out, Piper is taking off his shirt and making all the little German girls scream ;), Steve is letting his amazing voice be heard, and I’m dancing and singing my heart out and pointing at little boys to make them blush (they’re sooo adorable).

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