Charles Hamilton ‘Well This Isn’t Awkward (Winner Takes All)’ Mixtape

Charles Hamilton

checked in with fans on his blog on July 2nd, offering details on what he’s been up to and posting ‘Well This Isn’t Awkward (Winner Takes All)’ his first of six mixtapes for free download. The Cleveland rapper writes:

I feel bad. Why would I go so far as fall into my depression, when I can tell y’all why I’m half bugging? And sorry to scare any young people who listen to me. I just been in a very different mind space. So as a gift to the graduating class of 2010, here is… ‘Well This Isn’t Awkward (Winner Takes All).’

The 13 track mixtape includes songs like ‘The Bachelor Finale’, ‘Good Guy Goes Off (Diss Or Cry?)’, and ‘Media Take Out (Incision)’. Check it out at

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