Chelsea Handler Jokes About Vanilla Ice’s DIY Show

‘Chelsea Lately’ host Chelsea Handler checked out ’s new handyman gig, a series on the DIY Network called ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’. “This show couldn’t have come at a better time, I thought I was going to have to use my old contractor, MC Hammer,” Chelsea joked. “Unlike MC Bankrupt, Vanilla Ice didn’t blow all his cash on an entourage because nobody wanted to hang around with a white rapper.” The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea Handler Jokes About Vanilla Ice’s DIY Show

  1. david says:

    Another hater because his show is better n your show stinks. another wanna be host. Another wannabe Barbie. Can’t believe they would waste money on a show like yours and then let you host. You are horrible. just as bad as a Jay Leno joke. I met rob and he’s a great guy who is extremely smart n fun ta be around. and hes a good dad to his kids.

  2. Not vanilla ice says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Rob, oops, I mean, “David”

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