Chiddy Bang Explain Their Collaborative Process

Chiddy Bang

AOL’s Popeater spoke with ’s Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege and Noah Beresin, aka Xaphoon Jones in a Q&A, asking the Philadelphia hip hop duo what their creative process is like as a duo and whether they write lyrics first or lay down the beats.

Xaphoon: The beats first, definitely. I make something, chop it up. I’ll make a bunch of beats, send it to him.

Chiddy: Then whatever I feel like is dope, whatever inspires me, I’ll write to. It’s usually a very collaborative process. He’ll be working on a beat and I’ll start coming up with cadence or coming up with lines. He’ll be like, what if you said this and I’ll be like, what if you added that.

Xaphoon: With him, it’s like the two-second rule. If his eyes go crazy in two seconds, I know it’s going to be a good song. And if they don’t, I know I’ve gotta go back to the lab and work on it until they do.

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