Chingo Bling Speaks Out Against Materialism

Chingo Bling checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@officialchingobling) on Friday (February 13), where the Houston rapper reflected on materialism in the face of the current severe recession hitting the U.S. and much of the world. The Big Chile Enterprises CEO tells readers:

Basically with so many people gettin laid off and losin jobs I feel more and more ridiculous rockin this oversized gaudy chit…. yes that statement came from Senor Blingerman, por favor believe it or not

Do I really have to prove to others that I’m “somebody” by the amount of metal and stones I can drape around my neck aka pesqueso…

The more I can weigh myself “down” with gold, the higher “up” I am in society? aka more “status”?

Yes these are the promises we are given on TV when we are sold the hottest gadgets, clothes, and lifestyles… the companies tell us “if you ain’t rockin J’s you aint sh**”… even hiphop, arguably the most materialistic genre in music encourages this “we pop champagne!!” in a recession… pendejo

We live in the materialism age, its even in the Mayan calendar, Google that chit puto

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