Chingy Appears On ‘Last Call’

was on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Friday night to perform
his new single ‘Balla Baby’ as well as ‘Right Thurr’. In between songs,
he talked with Carson about how he started out rapping, if he really has
a beef with Nelly, and he talked about the a bit, who were with
him on stage. Read on for a brief transcript.

Carson: All right. Welcome back here with chingy and the boys. “Powerballin'”
is the record. You know, I was amazed and I know this is true with you
and we hear about some other rappers — is that you started rapping when
you were so young. How old were you when you started?

Chingy: I was 10 years old.

Carson: You were 10 years old.

Chingy: Yeah, I started writin’ my own raps at 8.

Carson: At 8?

Chingy: At 10, I got in the studio.

Carson: When you’re 8 years old, what are you rappin’ about? Like, just
the homeys rollin’ up on you in the sandbox?

[ Laughter ] What’s the lyrics? Do you remember any of your old raps?

Chingy: I remember one. It was like — I was 10, right, at this one.

Carson: Oh, you’re much older, yeah.

[ Chingy raps ]

Knuckle it up with a smooth pace I’m beatin’ like hard bass

you thought you was hard that’s why I’m takin’ it to your face

I’m not the type to give up on a smooth beat I’m comin’ throu the doors
breakin and shakin concrete

I’m loafed out and all the symphs get choked out

come pacitate the room and all the rats get smoked out so keep on creppin’
and keep on steppin’

it’s two feet on the stand the mike is the weapon in my hand

Carson: And you were 10! That’s amazing!

[ Cheers and applause ] And you remember it now.

Chingy: Yeah, I still remember it.

Carson: God, I don’t remember — I don’t remember when I was 21. I don’t
remember what that was like.

[ Laughter ] When I was 10, I was throwing, like, things at buses as
they drove by. And then the record’s out. I just want to ask you quickly,
because people are talking on the street. I don’t know if it’s true, but
there’s rumors about some beef with you and nelly.

Chingy: No, I ain’t got no beef with nelly. If it’s people in the street,
they tryin’ to create a beef.

Carson: Right.

Chingy: But me and dude are cool.

Carson: Isn’t a little beef on wax? Can’t that be good because that’s
where it stays?

Chingy: Controversy sells, but you know, I don’t involve myself with
that, you know, manufacturin’ all the beef stuff.

Carson: Right, and you’ve been in the business since you were 10. So
you know better.

[ Laughter ]

Chingy: I mean, if somebody’s got a problem, they come talk to me and
we situate it.

Carson: And how about the fellows here? When’s their record coming out?

Chingy: “The geto boys'” record we should be droppin’ next year some
time. I ain’t got the specific date, but next year. We’re workin’ on it
now. It’s called “hood.”

Carson: Awesome. Great to have you here. You have great fans too. And
you’re gonna do an old classic.

Chingy: Yeah, I’m gonna do what made this all possible.

Carson: You the man. Give it up, everybody.

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