Chingy Denies Ciara Sex Tape, Blasts Charlamagne

is speaking out about rumors about him, including a rumor that he’s in a sex tape with Ciara. “They lied and said someone from my camp was trying to sell a tape for $25,000,” Chingy said. “In reality, it’s not a sex tape. I don’t know nothing about it. I wouldn’t even do nothing to Ciara like that. Ciara’s like my homegirl, we go way back.”

As for the Wendy Williams show and her sidekick Charlamagne giving him crap during an interview, Chingy said, “That’s a bitch ass dude, and he’s trying to rap and sh** and he’s just made because motherfu**ers won’t sign him and he can’t get no deal. And he tries to get ni**as to listen to his demo when they’re walking out of the studio… Fu** Charlamagne, eat sh** and die ni**a.”

Finally, he addressed a magazine interview where they tried to say he hated gay people. Chingy said, “I hate that people say I’m gay because of this tattoo”, referring to the tattoo on his neck of his two sons. “When you disrespect this tattoo, you disrespect my motherfu**in kids,” he said. “I didn’t say I hated gay people. I got nothing against gay people. I just said I hate when people say I’m gay because of this tattoo. And when you diss this tattoo, you’re disrespecting my motherfu**in kids.” Watch it below the fold.

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