Chuck D Says Money Shouldn’t Be Rappers Ultimate Goal

B. Love of INsite Magazine (Atlanta) chatted with ’s Chuck D and asked the veteran rapper if he thought that with the commodification of hip-hop in the bling-bling era, more MCs are getting into it as a means of making ends meet rather than as a means of self-expression. “I think more people wanna get into it because they see it as a way to make a living,” he responded. “But if you take care of the art form, it’ll take care of you. Money shouldn’t be the ultimate goal unless you’re an accountant or a stockbroker – then you’re really dealing with mathematics. I tell kids all the time, if you fail algebra, don’t get mathematical when talkin’ about wanting this fat paper if you can’t really do the math. The bling-bling era has some bright moments compared to what gangsta rap went through. But there needs to be a clearer message to show that we have some things, but ‘things’ do not make you, and if you don’t have the things we got, you can still live a joyous life. If that’s not coming across, it’s not so much a question of people chasing the dream of materialism, but who deals with them after they don’t get it?”

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