Clear Channel Pimps DMX’s Latest

DMX 'Grand Champ' album cover

Clear Channel News Network reviewed ’s new album ‘Grand Champ’, praising it left and right. They write, “X’s energy is in his delivery, in the unforgiving way he climbs on top of a rhyme, bites its head off and dives down its throat. X’s passion is in his meaning, in the painfully honest way he penetrates his own soul to protect and repair the souls of his people. So while one could discuss ‘Thank You’ his Grease-produced duet with Patti Labelle that samples the classic ‘I Want To Thank You’ record, or the ‘Rob All Night’ joint X spits over a sick Rocwilder track, right here, right now, it’s all about ‘We’re Back.’ One of the most musically powerful songs DMX has ever recorded, ‘We’re Back’ marks the perfect final chapter to a storied and unforgettable career. Horns, drums, baby cries. You have to feel it to believe.” Read more.

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