Clowns Cry Foul Over Combs’ Phobia

The New York Post reports The Clowns of America International Convention 2002 chairman Paul Kleinberger is upset over reports that Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs is so fearful of clowns that he demands a “no-clown clause” in his performance contracts. Kleinberger said, “That’s certainly discrimination. Just because Combs has been a high-profile entertainer for the past few years doesn’t make it OK for him to include something like that in his contract.”

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One thought on “Clowns Cry Foul Over Combs’ Phobia

  1. mary says:

    i personally like clowns & would like to be one. I took my children to clown school @ fla. when the circus had one; but my husband will not let me be one. Everyone has a phobia, or something they do not prefer. It could be worse- let well enough alone. He should stay with the things he loves.

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