CNN Film Correspondent Says ‘8 Mile’ Is ‘Pretty Good’

Carol Costello of CNN Saturday Morning News spoke with the network’s film correspondent Paul Clinton earlier today to talk about ’s new movie ‘8 Mile’. Clinton saw the film and said, “It’s pretty good. I mean I am not a rap fan, by any stretch of the imagination. But Eminem is quite good. He really has — whatever it is, he’s got it. He gets on there, he grabs the screen.” Asked about Slim’s future as an actor, Clinton said, “I don’t see him going out and doing Shakespeare tomorrow. This is definitely, you know, geared toward him and he told Curtis Hanson at the end of the filming never again. This is not, apparently this is not his goal, to be an actor like Mark Walberg went from rapping to acting and that’s what he really wants to do. Eminem denies this. He says music is his first love and this acting was fun, this was nice, but not something he necessarily wants to pursue.” Read more.

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