Common Discusses His New Album, OWS & ‘Hell On Wheels’

Downtown Julie Brown of ‘The Music Insider’ caught up with in an interview that aired December 15th. Tune in to every Thursday at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT to watch live. The rapper talked about his ‘Ghetto Dreams’ and ‘Blue Sky’ tracks, off his just released album ‘The Dreamer/The Believer’, what fans should expect off the LP, the Occupy Wall Street protests, his character on ‘Hell on Wheels’, and more.

“What you will receive on that album is really the core and the pulse of what hip hop is,” Common explained. “You get that spirit with just new fresh sound and new music. It’s a soulful thing. It’s songs that deal with everything from love to me telling the story about being at a party and trying to talk to a girl and this guy confronts me and the trouble that that brings.”

Watch the ‘TMI’ interview via YouTube below.

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