Common Excited To Do Film

pays homage to Nas and to New York while being driven from Brooklyn to Manhattan. “For me personally I’m excited just to do film, to be a part of the Terminator that’s coming out,” the rapper told Nylon magazine. “‘Terminator Salvation’, and to get this production company going. Really to do some more recording, but mostly I’m excited just to be happy and enjoying life.” Watch via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Common Excited To Do Film

  1. jeaneclipse08 says:

    Common has been doing some pretty decent acting in a bunch of movies. I feel that its pretty hard for the rapper to become and actor, but it’s definitely better than the actor gone rapper. I’d still say that mos def has had to most success in this kind of transformation. looking forward to more of common acting in movies, he has done a pretty good job so far and the only way to go is up.

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