Common Says It’s Tough For Midwest Acts To Connect

recently chatted with fans on and was asked why the acts in the midwest haven’t turned to each other to support one another and get on each others projects. “I think that we mentally support each other but it’s hard in the Midwest because there aren’t a lot of record labels out there,” he said. “There’s radio stations but you have to have a record that’s getting pushed by a major label. There isn’t a network as large as New York or Los Angeles. There has to be one in order for all of us to team up. In a perfect world everyone would be able to support each other but that ain’t going to happen. I do feel that artists from the Midwest relate to other artists from the Midwest and do want to see each other do well. We just don’t have a network to say that we’re all going to team up and make all these things happen with Midwest music.”

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