Corey Clark Reasons Snoop And Fat Joe Rejection

‘American Idol’ season two booted finalist Corey Clark spoke with Steppin’ Out magazine in a Q&A and was asked about Scott Storch, who produced his debut album, and his failure to convince and to help out on the disc. “Yeah, of course [it was disappointing]! I’ve been a big fan of Snoop’s since he first hit the scene back in the ’90s, and I recently became a big fan of Fat Joe’s,” Clark admitted. “It was just business for them. It wasn’t me they were turning down. They just didn’t want to be associated with ‘American Idol’. They didn’t even really go into who I was from the show. I’m sure if they did they probably would have worked with me. But it’s all good. I’m sure we’ll have an opportunity to work together in the future once they see how talented I am.”

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