Cowboy Troy Has High Hopes For Hick-Hop Debut

The Nashville division of Warner Bros. will release ’s first CD, ‘Loco Motive’, on Tuesday (May 17), and the “hick-hop” artist admitted to Howard Cohen of the Miami Herald it won’t be easy selling his new sound – a country and rap fusion that some critics jokingly call “Crap”. “To me, hick-hop is taking a rap lyric and putting together some sort of delivery using country instruments — fiddles, banjos, acoustic guitars, occasionally a rock guitar,” Troy said. “If given the opportunity to be heard on a large scale, it could do well. If I meet a lot of resistance in getting it played, then it may cause problems. I get a little concerned about things, not that I’m freaking out. I’m pumped about everything and looking forward to going out to the local store and buying a copy for myself.”

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