Craig David Fascinated By Puffy Eating A McMuffin

Craig David stopped by Capital FM in London where he talked about his time in the U.S., including his summer tour, where he hung out with several other artists. “On the touring things we did before going out with my own band, it’d be Puffy one day, Ja Rule the next, Ashanti was on a lot of the things we did, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton,” he said. “It was good because you get to meet people and realise everyone is human, and they’re very normal people, yet very talented. You see them on the TV and you’re like ‘Wow, how can I deal with these people, they’re on the next level’, then you meet them and at the end of the day, everyone has to go to the toilet, everyone has to drink water. I was looking at the way Puffy was dealing with a McMuffin when he was on the back of the plane. Well, actually, he was at the front of the plane with me!”

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