Crunk Junkie

Brendan Joel Kelley of the Phoenix New Times caught up with J. Philla, one of the Nutz on Power 92’s afternoon show, to get his opinion on the fast rise of crunk in ’04. “I went and lived in Houston for a year, and when I first heard crunk music, I was like, ‘What the fu** is this sh**?'” Philla said. “The first taste of it, it comes off as garbage. It’s not something that’s really pleasant to the ear when you first hear it. I think that’s kind of the attraction to it, especially with young males; it’s testosterone-driven. It’s loud, it’s rowdy, it’s like their rock music. We play it in the clubs, and I ain’t gonna lie, some of the clubs, they don’t even want us to play it because it amps people up, it gets ’em rowdy, they wanna fight or they just wanna be crazy.”

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