D12 Flight Receives Bomb Threat

The Daily Mirror reports a plane carrying the members of (not including Eminem) were on a Virgin Atlantic flight that was nearing its destination of JFK Airport from London Heathrow when a bomb threat was called in.

Hannah Tuchster, one of 314 people onboard, told the Daily Mirror, “The pilot told us we were an hour from our destination and there was some confusion as this certainly wasn’t true. The captain then told us very calmly there had been a bomb alert and the truth dawned on the entire plane. I cannot believe how calm people were, although I know each one of us was absolutely terrified.”

D12 manager Mikey Eckstine said, “All the passengers stuck together and people were pretty calm. It was amongst the worst times I’ve ever had, but we were treated brilliantly by the crew.”

After the plane made an emergency landing in Newfoundland, the plane was searched by bomb sniffing dogs and was found to be safe. The plane then resumed to JFK.

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